Choices… Episode #7

Nife jumped into the shower and scrubbed her skin over and over again as if to erase the fact that Chief had touched her. She exited the shower in her towel and sat on the bed, her mind working rapidly on the next steps to take. How could he do such a thing to her? She would have to get a morning after pill first thing the next morning to avoid stories that touch. Who knew if he was carrying a deadly disease sef? She sighed. No, he would not go scot free. She would have her pound of flesh, she vowed.  

She stood up to put on some clothes and started to unpack the bags that had landed her in the mess she was in. One of the bags contained a brand new laptop still in its pack, while the others contained some shoes, clothes and a bag. She removed the laptop from its package and plugged it to charge, then logged onto Facebook on her phone.

“Trust no Man, especially your family friends. Those are the real wolves in sheep clothing.”

She updated her status and spent some time reading the woes of other people on Amanda Chisom’s wall, whilst contemplating sending in her own story. She could ask Amanda’s followers what to do with the pictures of chief she had taken earlier. She had picked up the phone to check the time when it occurred to her to take a picture of him, sprawled naked on the bed. She had even laid back beside him and taken a picture of the two of them.

“Hello there.” Her Facebook messenger popped up.

She viewed the profile of the person who had sent it. Al-Amin Abdul. He wasn’t bad looking.

“Hi.” She replied.

“I’m a man, and you can trust me.” She smiled.

He was direct. Not the sup baby type.

“Hmmm. I don’t think so. I don’t trust men. And more importantly strange men.”

“I can be familiar.”

And so one hour passed without notice while she chatted with Abdul. He was fun to chat it. He had a quirky sense of humor and an arsenal of intelligent retorts. He had just been transferred to Minna, and was looking to make new friends, he said, then asked for her number. She refused to give him and logged out immediately.  She put on the laptop and copied chief’s picture to a folder which she buried in the local disk, shut down the system and went to bed.


It was past 10 p.m. the next day, and Chief was watching the news on TV alone in Abuja when he got the WhatsApp message that ruined his night. His wife had gone to bed earlier leaving him to his nightly ritual of watching the news from 10 to 11 p.m before retiring. When the message came in, a wide grin covered his face when he saw that it was from Nife. That girl had been a very sweet lay. He finally reached the promised land, and it hadn’t been a disappointing experience just as he had thought. He saw from the notification bar that it was a picture message. Excitement ran down his spine at the thought that it was a nude. He opened the message hurriedly, to find the picture of himself sprawled naked on a bed, satisfaction on his face as he slept.

The picture was captioned, “You really enjoyed yourself, didn’t you?”, and he felt slight surprise that she had taken a picture of him that way.

“Very much.” He replied.

“I really enj……” he started to type a second reply, when another picture, which captured Nife’s naked body beside him, delivered.

“Sexy, yeah? I bet your dick is hard right now.” The picture was captioned. Chief glanced down at his shorts and rubbed his groin, thinking rapidly, if he could make a quick trip to Minna the next day.

 “I wonder what the reaction of some people would be to it.” Another message came in, “Your wife? Your church members?”

Confusion hit him. What was the little girl talking about?

“How do you mean?” He replied.

“I’m thinking of sending the pictures to them you know. Maybe along with some of our chats, so they can know the kind of man that you really are.”

Shock reverberated through him. No. No. she wouldn’t dare or would she? Why is she even thinking of doing such a thing? Especially since she was in the picture too. It was then that it dawned him that her face was not captured in the picture.

What are you trying to do Nifemi?”

“What is wrong?”

“Haha. What is wrong? I’ll tell you what is wrong. You, chasing your friend’s daughter like the shameless horny He-goat that you are.”

“You know. I only accepted your proposal because I wanted you to help me get the admission. Then I decided to chop a little of your money and walk away to teach you a lesson. I didn’t think you would stoop to forcing yourself on me. But you did.”

“And I’m angry at you, at myself for putting myself in the position that allowed you to put your beady paws on me. “

“Well. It’s never going to happen again. Not to me. Or to anyone. I’m going to expose you for who you are.”

Chief read the messages rapidly as they came in. He was dumbfounded, the boner he had been nursing, a long forgotten memory. He tried to think of the next steps to take, but his ears rang with Nife’s threats.

“Just calm down Nife. I’ll come to Minna tomorrow, so we’ll talk about it please.” He replied.

He exited from WhatsApp and dialed her number immediately, but there was no answer. On the second try, an operator told him, the number was switched off. Sweat coated his brow as he paced around the sitting room. If it were possible to head to Minna at that hour, he would have. He could only pray that she wouldn’t have made good on her threat by the time he got there tomorrow.

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