Choices… Episode #6

Nife contemplated on how best to handle Chief as she applied finishing touches to her makeup. She picked up her handbag and headed out to pick a bike to rafiyan shi.

He had arranged for them to meet there, and she was not too happy about it. After she called him to help pay for her accommodation, they had continued to chat and talk on the phone, and he would sometime send her money. He had been pestering her to come to Abuja, promising he would lodge her in a hotel, so they could spend some time together, but she had been using school work as an excuse to avoid him. She never thought that the old bat would make the trip down to Minna to see her. Now she didn’t have any excuse, but to go meet with him if the money was to keep flowing.

“My dear, it’s so good to see you. I really missed you!!” he leered at her as she took the seat opposite him. “I hope you didn’t do anything I didn’t do ehn.” He winked

Nife cringed inwardly. “I missed you too Chief. And No, I didn’t do anything. I was a very good girl all through.” She replied, beaming at him with a fake smile.

He smiled back at her and went on to regal her with tales of his trip – exaggerating here and there – while they ate. “Perhaps next time we’ll travel together and catch some fun ehn?”

“I really would love that Chief. So what did you bring back for me ehn? Abi. You forgot to get me something?” She asked.

“Haha. Forget you ke? God forbid. How can I forget the most important thing in my life ehn?” Chief said, a bit too dramatically. “I got a lot for you. The laptop you wanted, clothes, shoes and bags. I just hope you’ll love them.”

“Oh Chief that’s so sweet of you.” She patted his hand. Her smile reaching her eyes for the first time that evening. “You are such a darling. I’m sure they will be perfect”

“Go enter the car dear. Let me bring your things from the boot.” Chief said as he opened his car boot.

“Oh, my God.” Chief exclaimed, just as Nife opened the passenger door. She turned swiftly to him to ask what was wrong.

“My dear, it’s like I forgot your stuff at the guest house o. I thought I asked Musa to take them back to the car when he unloaded the car last night. That boy is deaf o.” he fumed.

Nife shrugged. “It’s no problem Chief. I’ll get it tomorrow before you leave for Abuja.” She said as she got into the car.

“Eh. Why don’t we just branch the guest house now before I drop you.” He said. “I’m leaving for Abuja very early tomorrow.”

“Okay. No problem.”

He turned left into Shiroro road, and headed for the guest house which was just behind Haske Hotel. He blared the horns at the gate, prompting Musa to open the gate, and parked the car at the entrance to his flat.

“Come on. Let’s get them together so I won’t have to make two trips”

“Ahnahn Chief. They are that plenty. Abi you have enjoyed too much in Dubai and have gotten lazy?” She laughed, stepping out of the car to join him.

Nife entered the guest room, and took a seat in one of the comfy leather chair facing the huge flat screen, while Chief disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared a minute or so later. He opened one of the drawers to take out several branded shopping bags, and sat on the bed, facing her.

“Ah. I’m so tired ehn. I don’t know why I get so tired easily this days.” He complained, pouring himself a glass of water from the bottle on the center table.

“Haba chief. Which stress did you go through now that you’re tired? Just walking from the gate to the bedroom? She asked. “You better go see your doctor. It may be a medical thing.”

“Oya, let’s be going.” She stood up.

“Yes. You are right. I will as soon as I get to Abuja.” He suddenly grabbed her by the waist, as she bent to pick up the bags on the bed beside him, and drew her onto his lap, despite her struggles.

“Ahnahn FolaNife mi. Just sit on my lap for some minutes na. I have really missed you. Didn’t you miss me?” He asked.

“Ehm. I really missed you too Chief. I just need to get home now. There’s a tutorial I have to attend by 8 and it is 7:30 already.” She said hurriedly, turning in his grasp to give him a quick hug with the hope that he would be satisfied with that and let her go.

“Next time, I promise.”

Instead of letting her go, Chief tightened his hold and pushed her onto the bed.

“Come on Nife, What other time? You are always giving me excuses. It’s either you are on your period or you have lectures.” He accused. “Please, I just want to feel you.”

Chief pinned her down, his mouth landing on hers as he forcefully tried to pry her lips open. Nife shifted her head to avoid the onslaught of his mouth, and struggled to push him off her body, to no avail. His hands fumbled for her breast, his mouth making a trail to her ear.

“Stop struggling dear. You are going to enjoy this I promise” he whispered into her ear.

She struggled some more, to dislodge him, but unfortunately, she was no match for his strength. His body weighed heavily on hers as he held both her hands in one of his, whilst loosening his trouser with the other.

“Stop struggling as if you don’t want this.” He snickered. “Abi, you are one of those girls who enjoy it more with a struggle ehn?” He shoved her skirt up and yanked her panties down.

“No! I’m not one of those girls o. Chief please.” She begged.

“Don’t worry ehn. I enjoy that too.”

“Chief! Chief! The truth is that I’ve never done this before. You are going to hurt me if you do it this way.” She begged.

“What?” He stopped for a second. “You are a virgin. That’s wonderful. Why didn’t you tell me since?” He asked.

“Don’t worry. I will make sure you enjoy it. You just stop struggling, Ok. I promise I’ll be gentle.” He caressed her face.

Nife gave up on struggling. There was not much she could do anyway and his actions were a long time coming. She had underestimated his strength and overestimated her power of persuasion.

“Okay Chief.” She let him loosen the button on her blouse and grab her breast through her bra. He stroked his dick against her folds eagerly.

“You are so soft” he moaned, closing his eyes in pleasure. “And I’m sure you’ll be so tight.”

He suddenly thrust himself in her, in one long deep plunge, groaning in pleasure. Nife stilled herself against the mild pain, breathing in and out rhythmically. So much for been gentle. Thank God she really wasn’t a virgin, with Chief’s method, she would have been scarred for life. She thought to herself. She tightened her vagina muscles around his dick, and faked a moan to quicken the whole thing. Minutes later, he was done. He collapsed on her, panting like a headless horse.

“You see. It wasn’t painful.” He said, amidst pants.

“Yes. I enjoyed it.” She tried to push him off her body.

“I told you, you would.” He turned into the bed with a sigh.

“Ehm. I won’t be able to drop you at home again o dear. Pick 5,000 from my wallet for your transport he said.” He said, and dozed off.

Nife laid there beside him, listening to his snores, tears in her eyes. How did it get to this? It wasn’t supposed to get to this. She was supposed to have gotten involved with him just to gain admission, then bail. She would have to make sure this does not happen again, she told herself, as she sat up to check the time on her phone. Twenty minutes later, she was dressed and heading out of the guest house, shopping bags in hand.

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