Choices… Episode #3

Nife walked briskly into Area 11 complex where Kenzack and Sons, the company she worked for was located. Dressed smartly in a cream colored long sleeved shirt and a skirt that accentuated her curves perfectly, she said a quick hello to the security guard as she hurried past him. At 8:40 a.m., she was terribly late for work. She had woken up late, because of the horrible night she had had. News had reached her the night before that FUT’s first admission list was out and she had hurriedly logged in her data on the school’s website to see if she had gotten admitted, only to get the “Not Yet Admitted” message. 

She had stayed up half the night pondering on what to do. Thoughts of Chief and his offer to help clouded her mind. After the conversation they had the day he handed her credentials to Prof, she had ignored his messages and calls, till he stopped. She was confused on what to do? She really needed to get into the university this year, having lost two years getting an OND, and as it stood, she was ready to dance to Chief’s tune, at least until she got in. She had decided she would call him, lead him on or something, before finally falling asleep around 4 a.m. She jerked awake minutes to 8, and by the time she got into the shower and hurriedly dressed up it was 8:20. 

She took the staircases two at a time, instead of waiting for the elevator. Her office, which adjoined the MD’s was open, which meant that the M.D had arrived before her. It came as a surprise as he rarely came in before 9. Why he had to come in early today of all days that she was running late was beyond her. The devil surely was on her matter. She dropped her bag on her desk and headed to his office – better to report herself. 

“Good morning sir.” She called to him from the doorway. 

“Ah. Nife. You’re finally here.” He replied. “Good morning. You’re late. Hope it’s not a habit?”

“No no sir.” She replied hurriedly. “Today is just one of those days.”

The M.D. of Kenzack and Sons Limited, Mr. Ken d not in the habit of bullying his employees and in the 6month she had worked with him as his secretary, she had never seen him angry and she was glad for that. 

“Okay then.” He said, extending some papers to her. “Would you type this out for me, please? Try to finish it by 9:30. I have to attend a meeting with it by 10.”

“Okay sir.” she collected the papers and headed back into her office.

Nife’s fast typing skill of about 60 words per minute had been the major skill that had landed her the job at Kenzack, and by 9:20, she was done typing, and her boss was out of the building to attend his meeting by 9:35. Immediately he stepped out, she picked up her phone and scrolled through her contact list to find Chief’s number. The call rang out without answer the first time she dialed it and she tried again. 

“Hello Sir.” He picked on the third ring. 

“Hello Nife.” He replied. “If this isn’t urgent, let me call you back. I’m in a meeting right now.”

“Okay sir. It’s not urgent.” She said, and hung up. 

Nife rubbed her hand across her face. Well, it was his turn to shine. She really didn’t blame him. After all, he had been calling her and she had been ignoring him in the past few weeks. She proceeded to chat up some of her friends that applied to FUT Minna too. Two of them had gotten in, while the last one, like her, was hoping on the second list. She shoved everything to the back of her mind, and concentrated on work. By the time she took a break, the time was 2p.m. and Chief hadn’t still called her back. She pondered if calling him again won’t make it obvious that she was desperate, and decided to send a message instead. 

“Send me your work address, I’ll pick you up by 5.” his reply came in almost instantly. 

She bet he was happy to hear that her name had not appeared in the first admission list. It was even possible that he orchestrated it. 

Nife crossed the street to the other side, where Chief’s Venza was parked. It was a game on, and she would do what she had to do, to achieve her goals. Only she’ll be very smart while at it. 

“Good evening Sir.” She greeted him, as she opened the passenger door to get into the car. 

“How are you Nife?” He glanced at her, a nonchalant expression on his face. 

“I’m fine Sir.” 

“So. You wanted to see me about your admission.” He said, as he put the car in gear and drove out.

“Yes sir.” She clasped her hands on her thighs. “As I said in the text, the first list is out and my name is not on it. So, I was wondering if you would please call prof. Ladoja to remind him.”

“Oh. You want me to call Ladoja?” He drawled. “Nifemi. Tell me. Why should I help you?” 

Her head snapped up to look into his face, but she remained silent. 

“This is the kind of favor I do for friends, and you have been rejecting my offer of friendship.” He continued. “ehn. What do you want me to do now, since you’re not my friend?”

She very much had expected this and she was prepared to play his game and beat him at it. 

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean to be rude.” She apologized. “I wasn’t thinking properly then. I really don’t mind being your friend now.”

“Is that so?” He smirked.

“Yes sir. Just friends, as you said.” She covered his free hand with hers and smiled up at him. 

“He’s only a means to an end,” she told herself, resisting the urge to shudder at the extra glint in his eyes. Whatever happened, she would make sure to win. 

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