Travails of an Unemployed Graduate

Travails of an Unemployed Graduate #3

I’m tired of the people asking me what kind of job I’m looking for. When I say, an entry level position in a research institute or food/beverage company, they look confused, and when I say anything a graduate can do, they look at me like I’m unserious. So, I’m always tempted to scream, what kind of job do you have? I mean, we all know course of study doesn’t matter anymore in this country – not with banks hiring engineers and scientists.  

I studied a course that does not have a place in Nigeria, and to be frank, I partially regret studying it. In secondary school, I was part of the team medicine or nothing team, and when I wrote my first jamb I applied to UI and OAU. Despite my over 200 score, I didn’t get the admission.

“Ah, the schools you chose are quite competitive that’s why you didn’t get in.” they said.

 So, my second jamb, I decided to stay close to home and chose Uniabuja. I worked really hard, and scored over 250. Time for post jamb came, then the accreditation battle in Uniabuja started, and the school became a no go area. My second choice which I had chosen on a whim, FUT Minna, suddenly became palatable, and I had to put my eggs in that basket. 

“Don’t worry, microbiology is similar to medicine. You can still do medicine later.” They said. 

The saying, information is power is apt in my case. So many missteps that I could have avoided if I had had right information. I could have found out which school had not done their post jamb, and done a change of course. So many could have and would haves, but, I digress. 

It’s frustrating that there aren’t jobs available in my field of study, and I have to settle for jobs that are not even related at all, competing with the people that actually studied for the job. Anyways, I’ve chosen the unconventional part of freelance writing. And even that sef, when you say you write, world people will still look at you like you’re unserious. Na wa!

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