Travails of an Unemployed Graduate

Travails of an Unemployed Graduate #2

Brethren, I took an aptitude test last week (at the time of writing this) and somehow fucked up the opportunity. No, it’s not that I did horribly at the test. I think I did really well, but… let me just start from the beginning. 

So, I applied for this Job, and a week later got a mail containing a link to a website where I was to go take an online test. The instructions, abi tips, which came with the invitation were; 

  1. Make sure you are in a quiet environment with minimal distraction when you complete this to give it your full attention. 
  2. The best way to take the aptitude test is on a laptop or desktop. 
  3. Ensure that you register with your full name and correct email address. 

When I got the mail my laptop was out of commission – hard drive packed up, and I was given just 48 hours to complete the test. So, I went to a cyber café close to the house to take the test. The noisy generator just by the door should have been enough cue to find someplace else, but as a loyal customer, I decided I’ll use the café anyway. 

Just after I logged in to start the test, a random dude walks in and started a loud gist that kept disrupting my thought pattern, and there went the rule number one of taking the test. I managed to tune the noise out and concentrate a little. But, brethren, that was just the tip of the iceberg, because 20 minutes later, the sales girl (operator) at the cyber café fainted. Hay God! Asin, madam collapsed just like that. Some of the other customers rushed to help her up while the others focused on her, sorry’ing and ehya’ing, and me I’m just there, torn between paying attention to my test and showing sympathy. Eventually, I managed to ignore the incident and drag my attention to the questions on the screen, but my concentration was shot.

 Anywho, I tried my best, enough to think I’ll pass the test, and submitted. After submitting, I was asked to put in my email address, and submit again. I did as instructed, but since then, I haven’t heard from the company. No test results, no you passed or you failed mail.  Brethren, I have a strong feeling I submitted instead of because I made the same mistake when I was about to login to take the taste. Or, maybe it’s just my imagination. Or, maybe I actually f… phew. 

2 thoughts on “Travails of an Unemployed Graduate #2

  1. Hey God! I feel your pain. I once submitted a wrong referee’s email for an application where the referee has to be contacted for me to be qualified. I was already tired that day, I can’t deny but this is deadline staring at my face.
    My dear,omi ti eni maa mu ko ni San koja eni
    You ain’t f…😀

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