Travails of an Unemployed Graduate

​Travails of an Unemployed Graduate #1

Alert: This series is sort of a rant. If you’re not interested in listening to me (abi reading) whine, DO NOT CONTINUE. You’ve been warned. 
It’s exactly two months today since I passed out from the NYSC and it feels like it’s been years. I’m finding that the tales of graduates being unable to secure employment after the one year compulsory service to the fatherland is astonishingly true. I’ve always thought that there was a bit of an exaggeration when people talk about the rate of unemployment in the country. But, now, I understand how one can easily be unemployed for years. 

I have lost track of the number of applications I have sent out, and right now I’m quite tired of writing, rewriting and rewording my CV and applications. A friend had advised that I start applying for jobs before I rounded up the service year, and that I did. I must have sent out a 100 applications or more since January, and I’ve gotten just two rejections, and that is the most annoying part of it all. The way the companies/institutions just hire whomever they want to hire, and just forget to notify the rest of us that didn’t make the cut, is disheartening.  

You know what else drives me crazy aside the idling at home, the lack of money. It’s making me depressed and frustrated. Please, don’t ask me about the 41K ‘gratuity?’ NYSC gave me. I’ve thought and thought of things I could do, but I haven’t quite figured out something. A friend suggested I start a business, and I laughed out loud. Honestly, I really don’t have the head for running a business. At least, not the conventional business. I remember a few business I tried to run while in the university – selling of my old novels, making and selling of liquid soap, selling of textbooks, they all failed. I couldn’t quite master the act of convincing people to buy from me. So, no. I cannot run a business. How about a skill? Hard skills like tailoring, hairdressing etc.? Not my thing as well. However, I’ve been trying to learn a soft skill – social media management. But, the cost of data is crippling me. And, writing? Well, I’ve been trying to find a freelancing gig. Hopefully, something will give soon. 

4 thoughts on “​Travails of an Unemployed Graduate #1

  1. How well I can relate with this, I can’t honestly say. But yes, I can relate. Having three older siblings who are graduates and are presently ‘not looking for job’ anymore because of the situation of things, I can’t possibly be worried anymore, cos I’ve seen my frustration in theirs since my undergraduate days. But then, they found their footing someplace else.
    This is funny, but I did it: after I returned from service in April, I called my folks to a meeting and told them “I’m not going to job-hunt for so and so reasons. So, please daddy mi àti mummy mi, there’s nowhere else I can get money from but you. Thank you.”
    I don’t know if they agreed, but I make sure I’m never ashamed to ask when I need… Lol. It begins from the mind right? It doesn’t always come through though.
    But then, I still get stipends from the fashioning designing I learnt during service.
    So, Sheedart, we share this struggle and I know we’ll survive in time.

    **maybe you can try out catering. Selling snacks have short term returns.
    It is well.

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    • “I’m not going to job-hunt for so and so reasons. So, please daddy mi àti mummy mi, there’s nowhere else I can get money from but you. Thank you.”

      😂😂 This got me cracking. I should pull something like that on my folks.

      It’s a relief to know I’m not alone. Thank you, Nife. 😊


  2. Maybe you could offer to do some volunteering services to places near you and somehow get to network with people whom you may meet that will know other people that will know others that may need your service. You never can tell…I know there is no pay in volunteering but it serves a lot more good than just idling around and you get exposed and well-rounded in several fields.
    I understand how annoying it is to send out Cv’s, and applications and never get a reply. You could try visiting their offices in person and request to see someone. I do that a lot when I apply and never get a ping back. Most Nigerian employers lack soft skills.

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