3 Extreme Reasons not to Move in with Le Boo.

The African tradition is one that takes marriage/the wedding ceremony very seriously. Who are you to say you live with a dude without being married? Your parents will scream and preach your ear off. Even if not in a church, mosque or court, at least do a traditional marriage first before you move in with each other, they’ll say. However, it is fast becoming a fad to move in with Le Boo before marriage, either by crook or nook, and although it is a matter of choice, before you decide to boot kick tradition and get yourself married to Le boo or a stranger as the case may be, here are few extreme reasons you should consider before packing your bags.


1. Death

What if your partner falls sick, have a complication during child birth, or collapse during one of your sex marathon sessions, and dies? God forbid! But what if? The possibilities of what could happen afterwards are endless. There’s the possibility of being thrown out by your partner’s family, under the guise of not recognizing you as his wife, and losing everything. And that’s after, you may have been accused of murder. Or worse (for the guys), you’re asked to carry out a ridiculous tradition, like getting married to your partners corpse.

2. Money Ritual

What if he uses you for Juju? Yes, being legally married will not stop him from using you diabolically to make money, if he’s inclined that way. But living with him illegally increases the chances of him doing it and going scot-free, as there’s nobody to question him. Especially if you are one of those stubborn child, who think yourself has grownups and just moved in with Le boo cos you are tired of your aunt’s constant drama. Or you schemed your way into an Abuja marriage. God help you.

3. Disappointment

One of the major reasons couples give for moving in together, is that they are checking for compatibility. But have you stopped to ask, what happens if you are not so compatible after all? You wake up one day to find that he is no longer feeling the relationship anymore. Will you be able to move out the way you moved in? Unscarred and unhurt? You are so used to the ‘married’ life. You have had 6 abortions because you both were not financially ready to start a family and you were so damn sure you were headed for the altar as soon as things get better. Except you don’t, become financially ready nor head to the altar.


Here you have it. Weigh your pros and cons carefully before getting comfy on that dude’s couch.



9 thoughts on “3 Extreme Reasons not to Move in with Le Boo.

  1. Weldon o you hav discouraged all the baes from movin in
    Hehehehe @ use her 4 ritual ….obu-ègo
    4 d luv of God sheedart y will u tink of dat na. I see Enugu is adjusting u…kudos

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