As part of her scheduled activities, Trans Africa Students’ Initiative (A Pan African & Global Initiative) is publishing her first article for 2017, and will continue to publish more articles, as a monthly drive, targeted towards taking challenges of our continent into cognizance, proffering solutions and tasking youth/students on positive contributions in a lieu to building a better Africa.

The article titled: “New Year, New Africa” was authored by Abdulrahman M. Abu-yamman.

Here’s a summary of the article. You can download the full article by clicking the link at the bottom of the summary.


Africa over the years has been regarded as first, an under-developed continent. Later, another word ‘developing’ was coined to make allowance for the developmental progress made over time. However, Africa has remained stagnant in this second phase for many decades now. To get to that optimum level of a developed stage will need some new approaches and policies. This ushers us into the theme: New year, New Africa.

New Year

A new year proposes an avenue for thinking and reflection upon what can be achieved and making preparations to achieve them. In addition, it offers a great chance for goals to either be set, reshuffled or upgraded in the various circles of life. Time to let go of the past and to live in the present. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “What lies before us and what lies ahead of us are nothing compared to what lies within us.”

New Africa

The phrase “New Africa” suggests that much more reforms needs to be done to take us to where we want to be. As futuristic optimists, we all look forward to seeing Africa move from a “dark continent” to become the “light of the globe”. An Africa that is united by strength in diversity. A new Africa united by a common goal of greatness and success just like that of the father of Pan-Africanism, speaking of Kwame Nkrumah.

New Beginning: A Resolute Blueprint

A crystal clear and well-articulated blueprint of the aims and objectives of targeted goals must be unambiguously specified and the time lag they are expected to be achieved. Planning is a key variable that cannot be left out in forging new beginning.

New Education: Conquering Illiteracy

It was Nelson Mandela that said: “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world”. The importance of education as the bedrock to any meaningful development cannot be over emphasized. We visualize a new Africa where illiteracy will be eradicated from the continent.

New Development: A Pragmatic Approach

This new development will have to take a pragmatic approach if it is eventually going to be attainable. More action and less paper work will have to be the way to go about it. After all, action speaks louder than voice. The new developmental plan which encompasses areas like the geographical, economical, political, technological and socio-cultural areas to break the lacuna.

New Legislation: Protecting Africa’s Interest

We look forward to see new laws enacted by African organizations like the African Union (AU) or other Pan-African institutions that will further secure and protect the interest of African countries at international level economically, and politically. Legislations like protecting Africa from being a dumping ground to overused products from other countries.

New Appraisals: Self Evaluation

Local and well-articulated indices and be used to measure performances within the time frame stipulated for the various development goals. This is quite similar to a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to have a better overview of how the going has been so far. Also, the theory of comparative advantage can come to play as a yardstick for comparisons between African countries.


To finally draw the curtains to this beautiful vision of a ‘New year, New Africa’, it is noteworthy that it will take a lot of discipline and sacrifices coupled with relentless hard work for the best result to be achieved. Member countries will have to demonstrate a total commitment to this new initiative that is going to rebrand Africa from ‘a dark continent’ to ‘the light of the globe’.

I leave you with a word on marble from yet again Nelson Mandela who said “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Long live Pan-Africanism and long live Africa. Thank you!

Click the link below to download the full article. Join us in making Africa a better place.

Link =>>  New Year, New Africa.


Author’s Bio.

Abdulrahman M. Abu-yaman is generally a Nigerian writer, a poet with works featured in national and international anthologies like the Kalahari Review (Botswana) and Tuck Magazine (Canada), a short story writer and an Essayist. His essay on Nigerian Recession was longlisted in the Center for International and Advanced Professional Studies (CIAPS) Essay Competition. He holds a major in Economics from IBB University, Lapai, Nigeria. His twitter handle is @abuu_yaman

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