How Pornfident Are You? 

Yes, this article is about pornography.

Now, this little section is for the sake of all reflex reactions. So basically the gasps of “Oh my God, I’m not reading this” from the pretentious holier-than-thou folks, the excited rubbing of palms (possibly accompanied by licking of lips) from the proud pervs in the house, and the nervous/guilty look over the shoulder from the struggling addicts.

As controversial as the issue may be, I believe it is fair to acknowledge that pornographic interests are as hard an issue to discuss as they are common to encounter. Which brings us to the source of our discussion. How ‘pornfident’ are you? 

I can’t help but imagine the kinds of conversations pornography would evoke in social gatherings or between two strangers who happen to meet at a bar for the first time assuming it was just another run-of-the-mill hobby or interest like football perhaps, or politics. One thing is a given though and that is that pornography is as popular as these topics I just mentioned, if not even more because last time I checked, the 30th most visited website globally was a porn site. Neither sport pages nor political pages came anywhere close.

So who might those anonymous visitors be?

The truth is that porn-viewing finds itself at the top of that very short list of things many of us would rather do behind closed doors and act like there was no such thing when out of those doors. Quite understandably so because viewing porn is not an act or habit the average person would relish being associated with. Unsurprisingly so, if I may add. What happens in the ‘other room’ is already an awkward topic to discuss much less the admittance of habitually deriving pleasures from watching that ‘dirty business’ being done.

The World Wide Web is an exotic realm with an abundance of all the boobs you can think of: Big, small, perky, and droopy (even wrinkly for those whose interests we would rather not go into). I can’t help but imagine how much more difficult indulgence in pornography must have been a decade or more ago when getting porn material wasn’t as straightforward as a simple swipe of the phone.

Prior to the age of the internet, it would have required a bit more pornfidence to face the owner of a video club, point towards a video with naked girls on the cover and affirm that that video was what you had chosen to pay for. There would most likely have been a short awkward moment of soul gazing between the renter and the store owner and some conversation would have probably occurred between them in the subconscious realm in the nature of:

“Wow I never imagined you as someone to watch this kind of stuff”

“Dude don’t look at me like that. You didn’t buy the collection to make your store look pretty”

“I shake this guy’s hand everyday he comes by… the same hand he uses to…”

“Look just take your money before someone else comes and sees me renting this crap from you”

“Well, I mustn’t judge. I enjoy a good time with this stuff too. Have fun getting that monkey off your back buddy! I feel your struggle!”

And then there’s that hasty walk home with the recently rented video in a well-concealed position, that paranoia that comes with every random stare you get from a fellow pedestrian… like they can see through your skin into your dark boob-craving soul and have condemned you to an eternity of mental leprosy.

Nowadays with porn just a swipe away, much of the awkwardness surrounding it has been trimmed off as nobody gets to know our business like they may have in those days, because what happens in pornhub stays in pornhub and the only person we have to worry about judging us is ourselves. That is, simply put, watching porn in confidence with confidence.

Many a time, phones would have to be out of the reach of others, with its contents well shielded behind a powerful screen unlocking code for the sake of those clips that were just too good not to be downloaded.

Watching pornography in confidence is one thing and leaving an archive of pornographic material in one’s phone is another. Apart from an indication towards addiction, it shows a higher level of unperturbedness by the possibility of someone coming across these files by accident… or intentionally. I remember in my younger days, whenever I got my hands on a young uncle’s phone, the first place I went to was the video gallery in search of pornographic material, not as much for the sake of viewing as for the excitement of discovering that all his ‘holy-holy’ attitude was a sham after all.

I believe that one of the major reason why confidently admitting to watching porn is not a mainstream thing is that despite that particular fact being one of many things which define us, it seems to be enough evidence to conclude almost any judgement. In essence, assuming you were part of a jury in a rape case, the alleged culprit is innocent until proven guilty… the point where you find out he is a serial porn viewer, in which case that little man in your head jumps off his seat, points a crooked finger and shrieks “GUILTY!!”

There is barely any defence for being caught in possession of pornographic material. Mostly because it is what it is. You like the naughty stuff. You didn’t hit ‘download’ with a gun to your head neither was that the case when you watched the clip the first time, second time and the God knoweth time. You might as well own up to it, and in all fairness, many do. Those that are reluctant to own up to that habit are most likely weary of being judged on everything else based on that fact.

Some simply don’t care. They either enjoying viewing porn so much that the opinions of others on that do not matter to them, or the opinions of others just don’t matter, period. Either way, that’s a huge display of pornfidence.

So what is your level of pornfidence? Don’t get me wrong, I am neither chastising nor encouraging the behaviour. I am merely choosing to ‘poke the bear’ we all know exist. Are you confident enough to state roughly the number of times you have watched porn or at least to air out your experience(s) on the issue? Do you know someone whose pornfidence simply baffles you or disappoints you?

And please does anyone have a clue as to why it is called ‘Blue Film’?

8 thoughts on “How Pornfident Are You? 

  1. How pornfidence am I??
    See, it was unquantifiable! Couldn’t be measured with any scale as a teenager. I rarely watch porn nowadays though, and when I do; its for educational purpose😉

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  2. I admit I couldn’t read the whole thing because of the length (lazy reader) discussing it is a bit more awkward too but I doubt anyone in their 20’s haven’t seen porn in this internet age.


  3. well truth don’t kill, av seen porn before mostly by “careless accident and sometimes intentionally read porn story” but I’ll say exposure to such act doesn’t profit us as human (it defefiles our hrt & make us loose our sense of moral) and God is always displease wit such…

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  4. Hmmmm..This write up got me sighing really deeply..”How pornfidence am I? Can’t really say though. Yea, I have watch porn a few number of times and its really long I did. The truth is, I could never admit I watch porn as at the time I watched it..hell No. But now that I no longer watch it, I can confidently admit that I have seen a couple of them before..So what category is that..Am I Pornfidence or not??? #Winks

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