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How to Ace your Project Defense Flawlessly.


Defending a thesis is no child’s play. You are already imagining them naked cos you have stage fright, and you are supposed to defend all the shit you did, explain the choices you made, justify them and convince the panel of the relevance of all the nights spent working in the lab.

In my opinion, to ace it, you have be prepared to do all it takes to bring your A game to the table. You should know your work inside and out, so much that you can explain it in all the languages that you speak. Then, you just chunk all the grammar down a drain, hit the nail on the head and at the same time, be extraordinaire. Below is how I practiced for my undergraduate project defense. Here goes;

Sup my people? Hope say una don set. I say make I come yarn una today about the thing wey I don dey do for this lab for the past two months. The tori na about the agbo wey our fada like to they give us shak onto say dem papa give them too and the thing they work wella. This one na the one wey oyibo they call Tithonia diversifolia and Yoruba people dey call Sepeleba. Mhen, make I no lie give una, the thing bitter. Inyanma. As I taste am ehn, na im I decide say before I go taste am again, I must check whether the agbo they really work abi na based on believe na im the thing dey work. Na so I enter bush, go pluck the leave, start work for this our lab.

Omo, the work chop my money no be small o. Na so I go they buy plate every day. No. no be chopping plate o. Hian, eating is not allowed in the lab jor!. Na plate wey them they use serve those winchy winchy invisible organisms food.  Anyways, so as I do everything I suppose do now, I discover say the agbo get some kind potential sha. Im ogbonge power no plenty like that, but e try just like my oga at the top, Ogundare talk am for 2010. Chei, but to be honest ba, I been dey hope say the thing no go get potential so I go dey use am as my defense not to drink am when my papa wan force me.

Anyhow sha, to end the tori, the sepeleba get some kind things inside am, wey dey cure some disease. And even though for the work wey I do, e be like say im power no too strong like that, the thing get better potential. I go advise una make una give another student make he do the work with another method make una see. Una sef fit enter lab, purify the agbo, com retest am to see im ogbonge power.

As e be so, una get any question, make una sama me, make I clear una doubt sharply. Oya H.O.D my G, ask first.

See! It’s not so hard. You can like to follow me and be great or not. Oh. And lastly, if you find that you can’t blow them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.

A little extra something, click here, for 25 most common project defense questions and how to ace them.

Good luck.



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