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Co-husbands may just be better than Co-wives.

I once watched a movie on Africa Magic Yoruba that got me thinking about Co-husbands. In the movie, three guys were shown marrying a lady in a church. At the same time. Well, that’s something, I thought to myself. Even though the story line was not any good, at least the producers of the movie did something different from the all too familiar ‘more than one wife’ story.

Polygamy in Nigeria, well, and in most part of the world is always usually about a man marrying more than one wife. However, the word polygamy also covers a woman having more than one husband (polyandry), and polygyny is the actual word that describes a man marrying more than one wife.

So, about Co-husbands. It is totally possible that Co-husbands may just be a bit better to manage than Co-wives, no? I mean, having three husbands should be a lot easier than having three wives. What could possibly go wrong if one woman and three men lived as husband and wife? It’s not as if there will be silly squabbles over who got more pocket money; or cat lion fight over whose child is being taken care of more. On the contrary, every child would be taken care of by his father, and because men are competitive, they would all step up their game. Oh. And if one child is brilliant and the other is not, the mother can honestly say he got the dullness from his father.

Also imagine, Supersport over Telemundo, cos 3 men to 1 woman. No one will be accusing anybody of choosing friends/football over the wife. All of the homies needed to enjoy a football game is at home.  It would also be so economy friendly.  In this recession, instead of a man catering to all that every weekend aso-ebi bill, iPhone 7 etc., a rotation will be in place or an asusu started between the husbands.

As for sexy time. No worries there. There shouldn’t be instances of bickering, talk more of wrestling matches over the junior husband getting more action than the senior husband, because there would be a time table that would be religiously followed, after all men are not fickle minded. In the case of 3 husbands, each husband may take two days in a week and the woman rests on the last day.

You are thinking this should work, right? Right. Except that – my disclaimer – the woman may get unlucky and still end up with assholes that will leave her to carry all of the responsibilities of the kids, just as could happen, if she was a co-wife. Not to mention the higher rate at which she’s likely to contract a STD. And Telemundo may trump Supersport cos in some cases, one woman > 3 men.

Oh. You’ve already started considering sharing this article with Emeka, Segun and Aliyu; or with Prisca? Well, don’t be bummed. I think you should still do. You just might get lucky, or share a good laugh with your friends.



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12 thoughts on “Co-husbands may just be better than Co-wives.

  1. It is funny but I think it will be a good idea, if women are allowed to legally marry more than 1 husband. The part where she will be getting to rest on Sundays is hilarious. Na government job???

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