Burst Balls.


I was sitting on the floor watching Mr. Ibu make a fool of himself, when uncle asked me to come sit on the bed next to him.

“I’m fine here Uncle” I replied.

“Is your bumbum not paining you? Come and sit here where you’ll be more comfortable.” he repeated, patting the space next to him, and I declined again.

He shrugged and turned his gaze back to the TV. I had stayed back to watch the movie showing on Africa Magic, after running an errand for uncle. It was not the first time I was watching TV in his room and I had always sat on the floor with my brother.

After some time, uncle stood up and started to undress, pulling off his shirt and trouser. I spared him a glance and asked if he was going out.

“No. I’m not going out. Just want to get comfortable.” He said.

“Tell me. Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, sitting back on the bed.

“Boyfriend?” I was startled. “Nooo uncle.”

“Ahan. Big girl like you, as beautiful as you are. Why na?”

“Nothing.” I replied.

“eh. Why nothing? You’re old enough na. All your mates have boyfriends.”

“I can be your boyfriend o and I’ll take very good care of you.” He continued, standing up to sit next to me on the floor.

I inched away from him hastily as he started to stroke my cheek.

“Ehm. No uncle. I’m not ready to have one yet. I’m just 14.” I made to stand up, “Lemme be going” but he grabbed my hand, dragged me to the ground and laid on me.

This couldn’t be happening, I thought as he tried to pull my legs apart and pull my skirt up.

“Please uncle. I don’t want to do this.” I begged, shoving his hands away.

Then I started to struggle with him, pushing and scratching with my hands and kicking with my legs, when he wouldn’t stop.

“Stop struggling, you are not stronger than me.” He said. “And if you scream, no one will here you over the TV.”

I realized he was right, so I calmed down. Weak from the struggling, my hands fell by my side.

“I’m not going to hurt you, you hear. I’ll do it gently, I promise” he said.

I let him unbutton my shirt and cup my breast. He suckled my nipple while I laid there in silence. Then he pulled off his boxer and grabbed my hand.

Some minutes later, he started to scream.




He wrapped her hand around his penis and moaned in pleasure as she stroked him up and down. Then her hands moved down to his balls, where he felt a pierce as she squeezed.

“Stop! Stop!” He said, as she squeezed tighter.

He tried to push her but she held on tight. He then struck her on the shoulders and managed to push away from her.

He staggered back and looked down at his groin. He saw the blood and whitish goo gushing from his balls, and started to scream.

The bitch had burst his balls!

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