Privileges of a Corps Member.


I alight from the bike at the busy Onitsha Park and say goodbye to the bike man.

“Go well o Corper. I hope say you go visit our state again?” he ask.

“Maybe” I answer, smiling.

I had spent the last week visiting Delta and Anambra. An all-expense paid trip, courtesy of my NYSC khaki. Transportation, food, accommodation had all been free so long as I was wearing my Khaki and presented my I.D. Card.

By the end of the service year, I hope to have visited all the states in Southern Nigeria. I walk into the payment office at God is good Park.

“Good morning.” I greet the attendant.

“Corper shun. Good morning.”

“Where are you headed?” She asks


“Okay. Let me have your I.D card.”

She scans through my I.D, type in some details into her laptop, and returns with a ticket.

“Safe trip.”


**** ****

I sit in the front passenger seat of the taxi, as the last passenger and the driver get into the taxi. The trip to Enugu was uneventful. And in 30 minutes I would be at my PPA at Imilike-Agu. The taxi driver puts on the radio as he navigates the car onto the highway. 15 minutes later, a gruff voice jolts me awake.

“Park! Park!”

A police man peer into the taxi, nods and waves on the driver.

“Corper shun. Carry on”

I sigh and fall back asleep almost immediately we leave the Checkpoint.

“Corper! Corper! We don reach” I hear the driver trying to wake me.

I open my sleepy eyes, say thanks and climb out of the taxi.


“Corper! Corper!” I heard the driver calling again as I walk to the gate of the Corper’s lodge.

I turn around.” Yes?”

“You never pay me o”

I stare blankly at him.

“What?” I ask.

“I say you never pay me” he repeats, stepping out of the taxi.

Oh! Oh! I have been dreaming, I realize.



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