I Tire for Naija

Naija I troway salute oo. How we fit progress if na d same tin oyinbo man do us before 1960 we still dey do ourself. Oyinbo enter our motherland, flog our grandpapa like say dem no be age mate. Today nko? Your papa fit be police man, but army man go flog am koboko, ask am to do frog jump and he go dey jump pas okpolor wey join Olympics.

Like say the partiality wey dem Lord Lugard take rule naija never do una. Still on still, Naija man no fit vote without partiality today. Shebi for 2007 Tiv man talk say e better make be die before he vote Idoma man instead of Suswam? Now every Tiv man for beer parlour dey swear for Suswam ancestor. Abeg leave d man o. Na only hungry you hungry yet, die you never die. So please be quiet. Efulefu!

lack wisdom

Politicians dun finish our life and we no go know. Some of us hate PDP sotey even if rain dey fall to dem no go gree find umbrella cover head. No be body dey tell man? Last year some youths dey cry say government never pay their parents for over 7 months laugh wan kill me. Like say dem dey sleep when their governor bin sitdon ontop campaign bus dey spray their papa salary during last year campaign and na dem-dem bin dey jubiliate dey pick d money. Abeg I no call anybody name oo!!!!! Das none of my biznes.

For olden days our grandpapa dem no fit open mouth when oyinbo dey kolombi their wife by force until we manage pursue dem go back their country. Now wey dem dun leave una women for una, anoda matter dun start.

Abeg uncle na bride price you pay o, no be goat you buy. Oyinbo man no do their wife d way dem do our women o. Na because dem bin see us as useless monkey das why e happen. But if you ma feel say na monkey you marry, issokay.. continue. But remember say na only monkey dey marry monkey sha… Also none of my biznes, please.


Oyinbo man thief our oil…thief our oil…thief our oil. By the time they com leave our oil for us our Ijaw brodas carry bomb dey kapoot all our pipeline. Ahn ahn!! Shege mana! Na wa oo!! If to say mumu get rank, Major-General for plenty I swear.

Na dis poverty mentality own tire me pas. Person go dey hold Galaxy S6 Edge but he dey owe MTN N200. Is dat how they use to do? If u wan copy oyinbo lifestyle abeg copy am with sense. Tell me, between poor man wey fit drink two gallon of palmwine a day and poor man wey fit tap two gallon of palmwine a day, who get sense pas?


Marriage matter ma dun tire me join. Every day I go enter fb see our babes dey comment ontop ‘My Nigerian Wedding’ pictures. Dat evil page wey dey give our women false hope. All dose people wey fit spend 10million naira ontop wedding like say na sport contract dem dey sign. Na so one guy dey para after him wedding say upon all dem spend, nobody spray dem plenty money and na so-so useless gift dem dash am.

To open mouth I no fit. Which money dem fit spray you wey go pas d one wey u dun spray already? He get luck sef. If na me wey gather plenty N50 naira change to take spray them on that day I go just humble keep my money for pocket quietly. The occasion dun pass kobo-kobo matter, and I am not rich, stupid, or stupidly rich so my broda try understand. If amariya fit use 200K do make-up wey sweat go soon wash commot as soon as she start dey dance, which kine gift she need from poor man like us?

Na souvenir and rice bring us come oo and since una fit afford tomatoes to prepare all dat plenty jollof rice e mean say common baby-bath na d least of your worries.

Ask yahoo boy why he dey thief oyinbo man money he go talk say na revenge for all dose years of suffer wey he suffer our fellow countrymen. My brother please don’t let Amadioha locate your GPS oo. Like say if your fellow countryman loose-guard you no go run am down join. Don’t be lying please… when yahoo no pay na you go carry gun for night dey knock for your countryman door.

Na only for Naija professor go open mouth promise say nobody go pass him course. Sir the thunder that will fire you is in the canteen right now eating apku. Students ma go graduate with smell-smell certificate com dey complain say work no dey Naija. Nna maichonu there with your bloody Third-Class!!! Who wan hire otu? If na so life be, you no feel say Shuaibu Amodu for dey coach Arsenal by now?


Abeg country people make we wise up small. All dese ekwensu-ocha dun give us bad name tire. If person call you ewu once, you go curse him mama. If he call you ewu twice you go land am heavy slap. But bros if the person call you ewu three times no be to go find grass start dey chop remain???

He who has ear, let him wear earpiece.


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