In Case You Still Associate Terrorism with Islam

In case you still associate terrorism with Islam, do your research. In case you think the people who strap themselves with explosives or arm themselves with fatal weapons are the real terrorists, you need to ask more questions.

Simply explained, a terrorist is a person, group or organization which seeks to achieve a political objective(s) through the threat or use of violence. The barbaric acts of terrorism we hear of on an almost daily basis are carried out by mere foot soldiers of terror organizations – if terrorism was a game of chess, they would be no more than pawns on a chessboard. The more vital pieces are meant to be shielded, thus they are.


Even during a war, the senior military officers are somewhat shielded from the frontline of battles owing to the amount experience, technical know-how and morale the troops stand to lose if he became a casualty. The difference between true military leaders and terrorist kingpins is that while one is willing to die for what he fights for, the other would rather have his subjects die for his own beliefs. One a warrior, the other, a coward.

Cowards are good at hiding, and that is why we fail to see the real terrorists. The good news is that we don’t need to see them to fight them. Terrorism is an offshoot of ideological wars and the longer ideological differences are not addressed in the appropriate manner, the more the encouragement for a tension which eventually brews into terrorism.

There are always elements at the ready to fuel tumults and fan fires to orchestrate dynamics which work to the detriment of government establishments. These elements often tucked safely within our societies sponsor unrest from the safety of their homes, well and far away from the face of the violence they instigate.

The foot soldiers are also victims to an extent. One must undervalue himself to a remarkably low level to be willing to sacrifice his freedom or even his life on the request of another and in a deplorable mental state to be partially or wholly convinced that in killing the innocent at the possible expense of his own life, he was doing himself any good.

Unfortunately, most terrorist organizations today hide behind the religion of Islam as an excuse for their sadistic lust for violence. The violence they had mongered long before even gaining the most basic knowledge of what the holy Quran preached.

When the perpetrators of the November 2015 Paris terror attacks were being investigated, a number of these young men, most of them in their early twenties were found to have ordered basic Quran books online, one of which was actually titled ‘How To Learn Quran for Dummies” shortly before making trips to Syria for radicalization. This indicates that they had very little knowledge of Islam before they opened themselves up to ISIS radicalization.

If you think there are not millions of young people willing to kill for money, or even for the mere thrill of it, you are greatly mistaken. In the US, the annual mortality rate by gun violence stands at 30,000 to 40,000 deaths per year. Many of these crimes, the governments in that region refuse to classify under terrorism when the indicative evidences are clear. Many of these murderers would gladly make it a part of their life to kill under the veil of Islam and we must not be fooled by anti-Islamic rhetoric as they only serve to promote the division that the real terrorists are working to create from their zones of cowardly refuge.

As usual, the government has to be held accountable for any failure to nip ominous organisations in the bud and in a commendable manner. Deeply entrenched in the battle against Boko Haram, the Nigerian government should be weary of telling signs of further unrest in other rebellious quarters.

The Nigerian Senate recently engaged in a fist fight concerning issues of Biafrans and Shiites. Barely settled at the top of Nigerian governance, these issues can easily trigger harboured sentiments amongst the lowly placed in our societies. This should not be a time to neglect the mumbles of the disgruntled minorities.

With that said, the looming unrest in Kaduna state needs close monitoring the discord within the Shiite community and the Nigerian army sets a worrying precedent and is an issue that needs to be handled with oven mittens. The recent kidnap and murder of a serving colonel in the Nigerian army has been described by the Human Rights Watch as “a premeditated act of terrorism” which was a reminder of the Army’s clash with the Shiites in Zaria.

While the HURIWA stopped short of blaming the Shiite sect for the death of the military man, ‘unknown presidential sources’ have been quoted to lay direct accusation for his abduction and murder on the sect. if their accusations are proven, the perpetrators deserve punishment but justice shows no impartiality and thus the army men responsible for the killing of unarmed Shiite men, women and children should also be brought to book.

Disruptive figures are closely monitoring this discord and will spare little time or money in taking advantage of misguided sentiments as tools to spark societal unrest. The president must engage in dialogue with these displeased groups while their agitations are valid so as to leave no room for mongers of violence to close in on innocent Muslim agitators, transforming them into killing machines.


One thought on “In Case You Still Associate Terrorism with Islam

  1. Nice piece… I just believe if we taught our kids that we were one and the same and that religion shouldn’t separate us things might just be better and… thumbs up

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