With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – #19


Esta yawned lazily on Maryam’s bed, it was 10am on Saturday and she was just getting up, after yesterday’s fiasco she was in the mood for something spicy. The drama yesterday was so trilling even though Michelle had left the house in anger (talk about no sense of humor) and everyone had been uncomfortable except Esta, she kept talking and eating oblivious to what everybody was thinking about her. Anyway that was yesterday, today is going to be fun she thought to herself.

She felt sad that she had to be back in Port Harcourt by Sunday evening, “that leaves just today to cause confusion”. She smiled mischievously as she removed her p.j.


It was a lazy morning, the boys were not yet up and Priscilla was glad Esta wasn’t as well. It was just her, Maryam and Kevwe or half of her since she still had not taken her routine cup of coffee. She was still in shock over Esta’s crazy display yesterday and wanted to get the view of the other girls over what they thought.

“I don’t know why you are still surprised” Maryam said “or maybe it is just because I am used to it”.

“It is like my craze is still learning where this girl’s own is but I loved it” Kevwe smile as she played with the coffee tin.

“Yeye how won’t you. Poor Michelle, Esta sha” Maryam laughed as she washed the plates remembering how it all played out.

“Who called?” Esta said as she walked in. Priscilla’s mouth fell open in astonishment as soon as she saw Esta enter the kitchen.

“Is this girl really okay? After the confusion she caused yesterday she bounces into the kitchen as if she owns the place wearing just her underwear. What If any of the guys enter” she thought. She looked and saw Kevwe and Maryam smiling as they saw Esta,

“So everyone thinks this is funny except me” Priscilla shook her head “Uhm good morning” she said tightly.

“Good morning miss goody goody. Come so you don’t drink alcohol eh” Esta asked leaning on the kitchen table looking at Priscilla.

“No I don’t” Priscilla replied.

“hmmm, what of sip” Esta probed further.

“uhm” Priscilla croaked “I don’t taste it”.

“Too bad” Esta said mockingly “so I’m guessing you’ve never had a threesome before or kissed a girl”. If Priscilla was not African she would’ve turned bright red. Kevwe and Maryam burst out laughing.

Kevwe tried to help “No, Pris is an angel, but I won’t mind kissing you, your lips are cute”.
Esta smiled “see why I like you for my Justin and not that flat assed girl Michy?” She said in irritation.

“No, it’s Michelle” Priscilla corrected.

“Who cares miss-know-all, the girl is dry” Esta said as she tugged on her bra “chai this place is hot can I take off my bra? You girls won’t mind abi?” Priscilla almost fainted.

…………………. ……………………….. …………………….

“But which kin wahala I don enter now?” Justin complained bitterly as he sat down beside Tokunbo and Matthew by the pool. The girls, spear headed by Maryam had forced them into going out. It was her “lets spoil Esta” move. After this morning’s drama Priscilla opted out blaming it on a long due assignment but both Tokunbo and Justin were unlucky for their excuses fell on deaf ears.

“So your cousin will be in town and you won’t even spoil her small?” Kevwe had teased. Esta winked at her and gave her a high-five. Matthew was enjoying the entertainment especially as it had nothing to do with him and opted to drive them so the group had bundled themselves in his car and headed for the mall, then to KFC to eat and now they were at the pool.

“Esta don open another chapter of beef with Michelle, that one that has already been suspecting like CIA agent” he sighed in irritation, “then all this waka-about and they still want barbecue this evening”.

“Man you dey complain, the silent treatment I am getting from Teju is an upgraded version oh” Tokunbo said smacking his thigh in an attempt to catch a wayward fly that was disturbing him. “How she expected me to talk when she was going on and on about how things where bad for her. I will now be the insenstive bastard and affectionately rub salt into the matter abi”.

“Since we are all sharing problems, I think my car needs servicing” Matthew said smiling. Tokunbo and Justin looked at him envious.

“But seriously Teju should chill” Matthew said calmly “What did she expect you to do? Okay you tell her, then what? She puts you in an awkward position of trying to help her save her job while your career goes down? Because of ‘love’. Na wa oh” he gestured the quotation mark as he said love.

“I tire oh” Tokunbo jumped in “she doesn’t even want to listen to me, as in at all, won’t pick my calls, won’t reply my text messages or pings. You need to have seen the way she looked at Medusa when she introduced me as second chair to the case, she now truned and looked at me this kin ‘has it come to this’ look”. He flinched as Maryam swam to where they sat and threw water at them.

“How can you guys leave three hot babes alone in the pool. You just sit there with no shirts on looking sexy for who?” Esta shouted from one side of the pool.

“Calm down we will join you soon” Tokunbo said.

“Oboy see beef. And the annoying part is they make noise of how much they can handle the truth and if you now tell them they will now start ‘two-can-play-that-game’ lesson on your head.”

“But if you don’t and they later find out, troubles of epic proportion awaits you. There is no winning with girls” Matthew said.

“And what is with them and the insecurity issues? Do they see us roll our eyes or get upset when a guy looks at them or when one of their toaster shows or calls? For crying out loud the fact that I am with you should let you know you are the real deal” Justin complained.

“Well with your track record Justin it is kind of hard to believe” Matthew joked.

“Not helping Elder, not helping at all” Justin sad.

“Okay sorry. But I totally get you. If anything it should at least let them know that there are options but you choose them”.

“Tell that to Teju for me abeg” Tokunbo joked sarcastically. “Everything about the Joelyn chick I tell my girl thinking we can laugh about it and yab the old woman, instead my girlfriend makes an issue of it.” Esta had swam near them unnoticed and quickly splashed water on them.

Justin took a rubber ball lying around and flung it at her in irritation. It didn’t hit its mark and she laughed at him.

“Very annoying little sweetheart” Justin said “making me miss match now”. Tokunbo smiled. He understood. Justin hated to show it but deep down he loved Esta like his own sister. They had always been close and usually Justin loved her naughtiness but it seemed different this time.

“This one this thing dey piss you off like so, you really like Michelle” Tokunbo said.

“Eh en, no just come with you psychoanalysis oh. Lover man. Which one is i really like Michelle?” Justin said.

“This right here” Tokunbo pointed at Justin “all this English is proof”. He started laughing. “I am scared to put Justin and in-love in the same sentence. But I can see you are having a conflict because of that hot babe in the pool” Tokunbo was really taunting Justin and he knew it. Even Matthew was smiling. Tokunbo got up.

“Question my friend is, who to pick?” he winked as Justin got up. “Even with what is on my plate I know I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes man” he started laughing again and before Justin could reach him, Tokunbo dived in.

……………………… ………………………. ……………………

She had just ended her call with Ayomide. This guy from the start seemed good to be true. She had to explain that they had to shift their date as the whole weekend was spent with Esta. She was already looking forward to the date. She smiled again as she remembered Priscilla’s face earlier. Crazy Esta was alway a joy to have around, if you understood her you would know she was actually a big softie who cared for everyone. Someone grabbed her butt. “Esta!”

“Where is everyone?” Esta asked, she was moderately dressed now thank God, Maryam thought.

“The guys went to get stuffs for this night and you can see I am here in the kitchen cooking. I think Priscilla is helping Kevwe to spread some clothes outside” Maryam answerd.

“Nawa oh” said Esta, “una like party. By the way, I like that Kevwe girl for my Justin, the ode needs someone that can handle him not that Mimi girl” Esta said picking an apple.

“Stay out of it” Maryam advised.

“Hehehe okay, I will” she answered sarcastically. “So what’s up with that elder guy, he’s so quiet and matured, I like him”.

“Esta na with God I take beg you, leave elder alone oh, sha he won’t even answer you sef”. Maryam replied.

“You think”, she countered mischieviously “we shall see. So what of your Mide and your step daughter?” She continued absently biting into the apple.

“Oh Esta I’m so confused, I really like him but I dunno what to do about the tribal difference and his daughter” Maryam said sadly.

“You guys over think things oh” Esta said, “did he ask you to marry him? Just enjoy it for now if it goes deeper then fine you handle it then if not you leave him”. She further advised “please don’t stress yourself over that. You are young, enjoy life before you go and be the 4th wife to one ugly alhaji” she added laughing.

“Don’t be unice Esta” Maryam said but joined her.

“No offence oh, I’m just saying” Esta said.

“Oh Esta” she hugged her quickly “you always give the best advice”.

“I know I know” Esta proudly answered. “Now am thirsty” she continued, “Prisi! Prisi oh come let’s drink red wine” she rushed out of the room leaving Maryam following behind laughing

Esta smiled to herself, as she rubbed Tokunbo’s head, it was truely a great weekend, these people had been so cool, and they were getting along so well. They were all in the sitting room arguing about Kanye and Kim’s relationship while Justin and Tokunbo played Play Station with Mathew reading a newspaper. Kevwe was trying so hard not to look at Justin but it was obvious what she was doing. She, Maryam and Pricilla where arguing, she had good points but was distracted.

“Kevwe!” Esta suddenly called “remember that bum short you were wearing when I came ba? I want it please” She begged.

“Uhm why not” Kevwe replied “I washed it, it’s still outside”.

“Okay let’s go and get it” said Esta as she stood up and walked to the front door, Justin shook his head “thank God she’s leaving tomorrow”.

I think she’s interesting” Matthew added to the surprise of everyone.
Esta smiled at Kevwe. “So how do you intend getting Justin or are you going to let Mindy take him away?”

Kevwe looked serious for a while then said “I dunno, I like him and am trying my best but he’s not budging”.

“Have you thrown yourself at him as in seduced him? See girlfriend you have to grab the bull by it balls. You cook well, you’re pretty and successful so get your man” Esta advised.

Kevwe smiled, “that might work, I will think about it.”
Esta continued “I’m not saying give him the cookie immediately, be a lady but make him want you, make him dizzy with desire, eh work on that angle. That’s why I called you out sha and the bum short too”.

Kevwe laughed picked the shorts and handed it over to Esta. “Thanks” she said.

“No biggie” Esta replied as they went back to the house.

Once they got inside, Esta jumped on Matthew lap, “boo” she said and kissed him full on his lips and whispered to his ears, “I want you, I want you to make love to me this night before I leave tomorrow”. She squirmed, wiggling on his laps. Matthew swallowed, “I’m in trouble” he thought to himself.

Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.

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