With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – #15


Kevwe turned sharply. Her eye lids closed to a little gap. How could he? How dare he?  He brought another lady here? This was THEIR place, this was where they met, they had their first kiss here, they ……

“KENNY!!!” Kevwe shouted his name.

No, no, no Maryam thought, she knew that look, Kevwe was going to make a scene if she didn’t act quickly. Everyone had already turned at the sound of the loud call. What to do? What to do? Maryam thought. Kevwe had got up and was already walking to where Kenny stood. He had the look of a guilty man. Quickly Maryam rushed after her friend.


“Kevwe, let us just leave please” Maryam steered her friend who was shaking with rage. She shook off Maryam’s hand and kept walking. The lady with Kenny had sat down but was puzzled.

“Kevwe calm down” Kenny said.

“Are you screwing her?” Kevwe asked loud enough for just Kenny to hear.

“Just calm down, let’s go outs…..” Kenny started

“Kenny are YOU?” This time her voice was quite clear. You know there are moments when it seems the devil just wants to put the final screw in your screw-up and for Kenny, that moment came just then.

“Kenny what’s going on? Please I am not in the mood for this drama” the lady attempted to stand up but Kevwe moved in front of her. By now everyone in the eatery had their eyes on the group. Maryam wanted to cry, this was the moment she was dreading. But before she could do anything Kevwe had raised her hand.

“Hi, my name is Kevwe, sorry to embarrass you if I did by shouting, may I know your name?” Kevwe spoke in the calmest voice Maryam had ever heard. The lady sat down again and in confusion extended her hand.

Errrm Amanda” she said.

“Amanda, pretty name. Sorry for shouting your BOYFRIEND’S name like that …..” she let the ‘boyfriend’ part linger.

“Kevwe let me explain please” Kenny looked beside himself but before he could say another word, the lady Amanda spoke.

“Oh, he isn’t my boyfriend, not like I have said yes or anything” she said innocently smiling “Are you a friend?” She looked from Kevwe to Kenny and back. Kenny held his head in shame. Kevwe smiled.

“Well I wouldn’t say I am a friend and I don’t know if that’s a good idea…. Saying yes I mean. But best of luck though” Kevwe said, she turned to Kenny “this” she pointed to his chest and her chest simultaneously “is over.” And with that she walked out of the building.

Maryam wanted to follow but Kenny held her. Pleading filled his face. She withdrew her hand sharply from his grip “How could you?” Maryam felt disgusted.

“We work together Maryam” Kenny’s attempt at an excuse feel on deaf ears.

“Yeah, whatever makes you sleep at night” Maryam said and ran to catch up with her friend.

……………………..      ………………………   ……………………..

He really couldn’t understand why he was here. He guessed it was a little of the old him. He shook himself for composure then knocked on the door.

“Hmmmm you are a sight for sore eyes. Come here handsome” she pulled him in, kicked the door and immediately started kissing him. Justin pulled away and turned his face.

“Aah, haven’t you missed me? You won’t kiss your baby again?” She hugged him from behind. He could feel her breast press gently against his back as her hands caressed his chest. He could take her right here, hell he was sure that was what she wanted but somehow he couldn’t.

“Haba, of course I missed you Dora” Justin lied turning to face her, his mind was still processing an excuse.

“Then give mama some sugar” she said and pulled him to her. He indulged. She kissed him and started unbuttoning his shirt. It had been a while, it was totally different from kissing Michelle, wasn’t as soft, wasn’t as passionate. What the hell was he thinking he asked himself? This wasn’t Justin the bad boy. He had never thought of another while he was with a girl. Now Michelle was invading his thoughts. Before he cleared his head Dora pulled away.

“What the hell?” She asked looking a bit confused and irritated at the same time. Justin sat down avoiding looking at her.

“What is it now?” Dora asked “you have never acted like this. I felt like I was kissing a wall just now”.

” I’m sorry” was all Justin could muster.

“Okay I know I added a bit of weight but am still hot now” Dora asked a bit self-conscious. Justin laughed, it was always funny when girls make their size an issue. He looked at her, a 5’7″ tall lady, a bit dark with a shapely body, Dora was a year older than him and they had been having an on-and-off fling since he left universitye. She was an airline hostess and traveled a lot but like him was based in Lagos. When he moved to Abuja the whole thing sort of ended or so he thought till her call.

“Sweetheart you look sexy as always” Justin smiled at her.

“Then…” She said as she sat on his laps and placed her head on his shoulder “why are we still talking in here when there is a bed sheets in the room to rumple?” She smiled seductively.

” Yeah Justin why are you still here?” One mind said, “but what of Michelle?” The second mind said, “Is Michelle your wife?” the first mind asked “But I’m in a relationship” he told himself, “oh please don’t be a wuss” he could hear Otim’s voice in his head. Justin took a deep breath, he couldn’t believe he was going through with this. He pulled her up and smiled.

……………………..      ……………………….   ……………………….

He stacked the documents neatly. Counting them to be sure. The briefings were complete, the arguments clearly written, closing statements prepared. The chances of them loosing, slim to none. It was a long weekend but this was some great work. He sat down exhausted. For the thousandth time he looked at his phone, no calls, no text messages, no pings.

“You really surprised me this weekend Tokunbo” Joelyn said dropping the document she was reading.

“Huh? Oh thank you” Tokunbo said.

“Yeah, despite your distractions since yesterday you have found a way to work effectively. I like efficient men” she showed a faint smile. Tokunbo brows rose. That sounded so wrong in his mind. He was not in the mood.

“Anything more to work on?” Tokunbo asked blankly.

“In a hurry are we? Somewhere better to be?” Joelyn asked.

“No, didn’t mean to be rude. Just wanted to know if I could go being we finished a day early. Would love to get out of these clothes, have a proper bath” Tokunbo explained.

“Two days of work, I offered my house to you to use but you preferred to work, not my fault you seem uncomfortable. Any way we are done.” Joelyn said.

“Thank you” Tokunbo said. His things were already packed. He got up and rushed to the door. He stopped and turned.

“Thanks for having me, I really enjoyed working with you” he smiled. Joelyn nodded with a sad-happy smile on her face.

As soon as he got a cab he headed for Teju’s. It was just 6pm, he really hoped she would be home. All these drama over nothing. He got to her apartment and knocked. No answer, he knocked again, no answer. He started banging the door.

“Is there a reason why you want to break down my door?” Teju called from behind him. Tokunbo turned round in surprise.

“Hey” he said and smiled uncomfortably. She had on training shorts, a sweat shirt, trainers and earphones in her ears. She had been jogging.

“Hey yourself” she said coolly and walked past him. She was still panting. She pulled out her house keys from a small pouch on her waist and opened the door. She walked in leaving the door opened. If he was waiting for a formal invitation in Tokunbo realised it wasn’t coming. He walked in and closed the door.

He had fallen in love with Teju’s house. He wasn’t a fan of the location; it was on the ground floor of a block of flats in a compound with very little space; but it was the ideal place for a young person starting life in a city like Abuja. It had a very small room which was reasonably assumed to be a living room with an attachment that was the kitchen. The second door lead to another room, the bedroom and there was a spacious toilet adjoined.

He noticed she had kicked of her trainers and placed them neatly near her couch, the only seat-able thing in the living room, she obviously had gone into her room. He dropped his things and walked into her room.

“So how is Domina? Getting any more summons or are you done for the weekend?” Teju spat out. She pulled of the sweat shirt and flung it into a corner. She really was pissed thought Tokunbo. His eyes fell on her vest that had been under her sweat shirt. He was wondering how she held them boobs together, so it was the vest? “Focus man” he said to himself tying to concentrate on the matter at hand and not his girlfriend’s body.

“You don’t have to be like this baby I got caught up in work” Tokunbo started to explain.

“Was work the only thing you got caught up on? Abi was the REDBULL for something more?” Teju asked. Why was she being so upset about this, nothing happened, Tokunbo thought.

“Okay baby you need to calm down” Tokunbo said. He was feeling less apologetic and more irritated.

“I should calm down yeah? I should calm down?” Teju had pulled of her shorts and she was in vest and pants standing facing Tokunbo, but by now Tokunbo was less interested in her undies and more interested in her insecurities.

“Okay this has gone far enough. I get it that you are pissed but enough with the accusation” Tokunbo said firmly. Teju was shocked, even more so when she wanted to reply and he raised a finger.

“No I think you have said enough. Yes i  worked in my boss’s house, I should have told you before you called but that was one of the things I spoke to you about, I haven’t taken my bath since yesterday just so I could finish quickly and get back to my girlfriend. You compare yourself with someone close to her forties? Really? What do you take me for?” Tokunbo asked.

Teju stood, hands akimbo contemplating what he had just said. All of a sudden all the pent up thoughts she had been having seemed meaningless.

“But why did you have to wait till I called? And you were now sounding all funny and hush hush” she said and pouted. Tokunbo shook his head she looked so cute. His anger fled as quickly as it came. He walked up to her and hugged her.

“I’m sorry love. But you see should know better, for crying out loud we call her ‘Medusa'” Tokunbo laughed “my eyes are only on you…. At least till that your cousin finally gree for me” he smiled as she punched him.

“Leave my cousin oh. I will maim oh” Teju laughed. She stood on tip toes and kissed him. “I trust you bae, its that old madam I don’t trust”. Tokunbo laughed

” Me too love. Now how about you help me scrub my back?” He winked at her.

“Dirty mind, go and bath joh. Let me whip something up” Teju said.

“You go all naked in front of a man and he should not try? Haba” Tokunbo said hopefully “besides didn’t you just finish jogging?”

“Toks go and bath and leave me alone oh” Teju said laughing and running out of the room.

“Women!!!” Tokunbo shook his head and headed for the bathroom.

…………………..     ………………………..    ……………………..

“If Chelsea loose this lead ba, they are officially useless” Tokunbo shouted passionately. The guys had pulled up some chairs outside the house and were talking football. Sunday morning was a drag as they were still exhausted from last night. Otims had caught up with Justin and Matthew and they had gone clubbing, it was a boys night out, no girlfriends Otims had insisted. Tokunbo had come in early in the morning from Teju’s place and had been smiling since then.

“All you Chelsea fans, we all know how the premiership goes. It is not over till the last match has ended, remember that year Man City won the title on extra time of their last match?” Matthew argued.

“Yeah 2011” Justin answered, he seemed distracted.

“No na 2012” Otims shouted. “But no shaking, no be Blues. We must win, we nor be Arsenal o, their trophy na 4th place.” Tokunbo’s phone rang.

Mummy mi (my mother) good morning” Tokunbo greeted his mom.

Omo mi (my child), how are you? You have forgotten your mother abi?” His mom replied.

“No now mummy. It has just been hectic” Tokunbo said “how are you?”

“I am fine dear. How was service?” His mom asked. Tokunbo covered his face. Mrs. Ade-Williams was a devote Christian and always urged her children to be same. He couldn’t even explain why he had not been going to church.

I take it by your silence that you didn’t go?” His mom said with a sigh “AdeTokunbo Ade-Williams listen to your mother. We don’t have any other god oh. Your father and I can’t go to babalawoohhh, it is only God we have. I didn’t say go everyday oh; not like that is a bad idea but at least attend Sunday service now”.

” I’m sorry mummy I will from now on” Tokunbo said genuinely remorseful.

Omo mi, God bless you for me. You will find favour, you will grow to greater heights” his mother started her usual round of prayers.

“Amen mummy, thank you” Tokunbo replied.

“Have a great week you hear?” His mom said.

“You too mummy, greet daddy for me. I will call later” Tokunbo said. Then Justin waved and he added “Justin is greeting you oh mummy”.

” Tell Justin that if he doesn’t want me to dis-mother him he better go and fine a nice wine to bribe me with” Tokunbo’s mother joked. Tokunbo laughed.

“Yes ma, he will hear. Bye mum” Tokunbo said and ended the call.

Wetin mumsi talk?” Justin quickly asked.

“You owe her a bottle of wine plus we need to start going to church” Tokunbo said. Justin smiled. Tokunbo’s mom had always been like a secons mother to him. Tokunbo’s phone rang again.

“Hey you” Tokunbo said happily.

“Hey baby, I was thinking of making lunch wanna come over? No sleep over again oh you made me miss church” Teju said giggling tokunbo laughed

“Lunch would have made sense oh but I heard Kevwe had a fall out with her boyfriend. She ain’t back from church but we need to form solidarity to her and insult the dushbag and just try and make her happy” Tokunbo said.

“Awwww so sweet. You guys are nice oh. Greet her for me. Talk to you later” Teju said and ended the call.

“Oh no, oh no Michelle’s dinner” Justin was already running to the house to pick his phone. Just then the main gate opened, Maryam and Kevwe walked in. They walked up to where the guys sat.

“Hey” Matthew and Tokunbo choroused uncomfortably.

“What is chasing that one?” Maryam asked.

“Think he forgot something of Michelle’s or for Michelle. I don’t know oh” Tokunbo said. The girls walked away to go drop their church things and change. Just as they reached the door Kevwe held Maryam’s arm.

“Why are you smiling?” Maryam asked.

“I just realised something about Justin now. ‘I have a boyfriend’ is no longer an excuse” Kevwe said smiling. Maryam could see mischief brewing all over her friend’s face.

Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.

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