With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – #13


“Hey Toks, over here” a young man in milk shirt and a brown tie waved at Tokunbo as he walked into the firm’s lounge., he sat beside another who wore a white shirt and deep red tie, both wore black trousers. Tokunbo smiled, his colleagues had moved from their usual spot and where closer to the window.

“Hey Frankie, Sammy, how una dey na? Oboy how come una no show office on Saturday?” Tokunbo asked as he walked up to them, the guys shook hands and got settled in
Coker & Smith was a law firm that went all out. Their designer, an American architect who had designed some notable law firms in the US had skillfully created a standard which made most firms in Nigeria envious, an effect Mr. Coker had been very pleased with. The lounge had cushioned chairs and round tables and a bar that served coffee, tea and soft drinks during working hours but had a number of wine collections and alcoholic drinks that were served after working hours. It stood on the top floor just above the main office floor and most of the workers loved to relax during their break periods.


“Saturday ke?” Frank, asked.” I no get any notification oh. Was at a friend’s birthday bash”.

“Mehn I slept through out Saturday” Tokunbo’s second colleague; Sammy replied.

“So why na me Medusa come call?” Tokunbo asked looking confused. They had tagged their supervisor Ms. Joelyn as the evil Greek mythical creature due to her strictness and lack of fun.

“She called me in oh, I been think say una go show till I reach office she dey tell me we go work alone” Tokunbo complained.

“Aah, that is odd. Nobody else dey?” Frank asked.

“Asides normal security personnel and guys wey dey run the lounge nobody oh” Tokunbo said.

“Hmmm maybe she didn’t need all hands on deck and she don tag u her favourite” Sammy said laughing with mockery.

“Slave you mean. We worked into the night guy. Had to call one of my friends to come pick me. You know that politician wey loose election and his appeal at the tribunals three years ago” they nodded “well, be like the guy had some run in with the government and the governor he ran against wants his pound of flesh” Tokunbo said giving them the gist of what he had been assigned to.

“You are kidding right?” Frank asked “no be new elections dey come so? Shouldn’t that one be looking on how to get re-elected instead of opening old battles?”

“Same thing we thought oh. From what Medusa said Mr. Coker didn’t want us involved sef but na favour to one of his top guys. You know all these connects na” Tokunbo said picking his glass of Coke from the tray a waiter had just dropped.

“Oboy guy no dull oh, this could push you up the ladder. Now I dey feel bad say Medusa…..” Sammy stopped.

“Tokunbo, just a heads up…” Ms. Joelyn stood behind Tokunbo’s seat. She had walked up to them quietly, one of her traits that scared the heck out of the associates “…. Clear your weekend, we’ll be working all through the weekend” and without a moment’s notice for even an acknowledgement she walked away.

“Oooh shit” Tokunbo cursed.

“Wetin?” Sammy asked.

“I have a date on Friday” Tokunbo said remembering Teju had finally decided to hang out on Friday.

“Ehen, tell the babe you are working late” Frank said and slapped his face immediately. The others looked at him with a stern expression.

“I know I know, worst line to tell your girl” Frank corrected himself and they all nodded in agreement.

“You know how girls go just dey jump into conclusion especially as my babe knows my supervisor is a single lady” Tokunbo rubbed his head. As he did his eyes caught the time on his wrist watch.

“Ooh shit, lunch break finished 5 minutes ago” he rushed his drink and started heading out, Frank and Sam on his tail.

The three of them walked out of the elevator into the main office floor just as Mrs. Smith walked out of her office. They quickly got engaged in an imaginary case argument as they walked to their cubicles. Luckily it worked.

“Close one” Sam said as he sat down. Tokunbo nodded as he picked his phone. He sat down and dialed Teju’s number. Better he tell her now than wait for the inevitable.

“Hey babe” Teju answered on the first ring.” Just about to go for lunch”.

“Hey love” Tokunbo said quietly. “I just got back from lunch. Ermmm wanted to tell you that errrmm I won’t be able to make dinner Friday”. He waited quietly.

“Haba why now? What’s wrong?” Teju asked sounding concerned.

“Medusa is calling for an all weekend-er” Tokunbo said.

“Huh? You keep forming all these new words” Teju laughed “and doesn’t that woman have something else to do other than pick on young up coming fine-boy lawyers?” She loved to tease him.

“I tire oh” Tokunbo said feeling relief she didn’t take it so hard.

“I just pity you guys. Three young men wasting their weekends” Teju said.

“Errrrm well its just me” Tokunbo said, he started feeling uncomfortable again.

“Oh, I see” was all Teju said.


“My boss is officially an idiot” Justin walked into the house and banged the door. Maryam was sitting on the three sitter. She had got home to find out there was no power and decided to finally finish the book she had started.

“Hey dear” she called out to Justin “are you okay?”

“Don’t mind that tout oh” Justin said as he sat down on one of the arm chairs. “Seems like the spirit that left Matthew’s boss came upon mine just before I got employed. If it was a major telecoms giant I will understand, this guy be paying peanut and be expecting miracles.”

“Haba Justin, your salary isn’t peanut oh” Maryam said smiling. It was such a pleasing feeling to know that everyone was finally moving on in their various careers that even this nagging from Justin was a welcoming development.

“And most bosses can be a pain. But it is to bring out the best in you” Maryam said.

“No no no, difference dey. You just described Medusa” Justin said.

“Who?” Maryam looked lost”

“Toks hasn’t given you Medusa’s gist? His supervisor that loves giving deadlines like no tomorrow, says the woman has a masters degree in being a pain” Justin laughed. Maryam hadn’t heard obviously.

“I will take Medusa any day over my boss. That man is a tyrant” Justin said.
The front door opened and Priscilla walked in. She had a big grin on her face.

“Hi guys” she said.”Justin he called, he called” the words busted out like she had been waiting for an eternity to tell someone. Justin was lost. He and Prscilla were cool but none of their conversations had ever lead to a he, any he for that matter. Maryam was wondering why Priscilla would be talking to a guy about another guy when she had her girls in the house.

“Ooooh boys are so slow” Priscilla said rushing to the three sitter and pouncing beside Maryam. “Babe remember that guy I told you of? He just called” It was like a light bulb went on in Maryam’s head because she started smiling.

“It is a lie, are you serious? Awwww, give me gist, give me gist” Maryam’s excitement level was starting to reach Priscilla’s.

“Hey, slow guy here” Justin waved his hand to get their attention “which guy is this that I am suppose to know of but can’t remember?”

“That guy we met at the mall now on Valentine day, the one with the sweet note” Priscilla said.

“Finally the mumu called” Justin said “took him long enough. Hope say you post am?”
“What is this one talking about?” Maryam asked.

“The guy dey form busy you sef form busy na” Justin advised “don’t let anyone think you are easy access”.

“He said he wanted to have drinks with me and get to know me, problem is my week is filled, so yes Justin, i had to push any possibility of us meeting to weekend” Priscilla said sadly. “We have been chatting on BBM though”

“Don’t worry we got you” Maryam said as the girls smiled.

“You guys heard that Musa is getting married right?” Prscilla said as she got up to go drop her things.

“Huh?” Maryam wanted to laugh.

“He was saying something as I got home but was pissed so I didn’t even answer him. Na wa oh. In this his condition he wants to marry?” Justin said.

“He spoke to me as I got in. Said he wanted to talk to ‘oga’ about his wife coming to stay here with him” Priscilla added.

Maryam busted into a fit of laughter, both Prscilla and Justin looked at her confused.

“Don’t you guys see it?” Maryam asked “I just pictured Kevwe hearing the news” the others got it and joined in the laughter. Either Kevwe gets a stroke or all hell will break loose after she hears.

“Why are you guys laughing so loud, I could hear you from outside?” Kevwe said as she walked into the house. In the midst of their laughter they didn’t hear her come in.

“Speak of the devil” Maryam said cheerfully. “Was just telling the guys how Tokunbo might have to get a new guard.”

“Oh, I was just teasing now that time I said Musa will have to go if security needs serious attention” Kevwe waved her friend off as she headed to her room.

“I don’t think you will feel so when you hear the latest” Maryam said holding her laughter.

“What are you twats up to now?” Kevwe asked suspicion written all over her face. She wasn’t sure she was ready for any pranks.
Priscilla shook her head and left for her room. She didn’t want to be there for the outburst.

“Not us oh” Justin finally said “your guy Musa wants to marry and wants his wife to move in”

“EHEN!!!” Kevwe exclaimed and Maryam and Justin busted out laughing all over again.

“Excuse me Joelyn” Tokunbo poked his head into his supervisor’s office. She sat looking over some papers. She nodded but didn’t look up. He took that as permission to enter and stepped in, stopping in front of her table.

“So I just rounded up the briefs of the case and drafted an opening remark. I know you didn’t ask but I also added some arguments that could help solidity our case” he said a bit hesitant.
Ms. Joelyn raised her head. She stretched her hands out and he looked confuse. He had no idea whether to give her the files containing the briefing or the two sheets of A4 that had his ideas for arguments in court.

“The arguments Tokunbo” she said, a hint of irritation in her voice.

“Oh sorry” he said as he handed her the sheets he. As she read she pointed to her desk indicating for him to drop the briefings there. He did so and stood waiting. If she could just dismiss him, he could make a surprise visit to Teju’s. Maybe pick up some Yahuza chicken suya or pizza or something. She really wasn’t as up and happy as was her nature at dinner yesterday.

“Hmmm nice point here but this number four won’t fly, I can already see two counter-arguments they could use” Ms. Joelyn said.

“Yes it was supposed to be atrick for them to fall in, see number five Tokunbo said scratching the back of his head. She kept quiet and read on.

“Ah nice, very smart. This helps a lot. I must say I am impressed, some of these are newbie stuff and a lot are old school but they are good” Ms. Joeyln gave what Tokunbo was scared to assume was a smile.

“Okay. So how early do I come in tomorrow?” Tokunbo asked.

“Tomorrow? But I told you we were doing this all weekend and especially with these new addition you so graciously dropped we need to find a way to polish it” Ms. Joelyn replied dropping the paper and started clearing her table. Tokunbo looked confused. He was going to be stuck with Medusa in this office.

“Hope you have your toiletries, you will be sleeping over at my place” Ms. Joelyn said. For the second time she had that face again, like the one she had the previous Saturday.

Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.

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