With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – #9


“Excuse me” Maryam was taken aback. Such rudeness. She was even more surprised Kevwe hadn’t gone all ballistics on the babe. She was obviously still surprised at the stranger from the look on her face. Tokunbo wasn’t so surprised.

“Oh sorry, where are my manners” the girl said cutely “hi, I’m Michelle ….” She took turns looking over at them stopping at Maryam “…. and you must be sweet Maryam” she smiled.

“Justin speaks highly of you. Oh please don’t say I told you but he respects you loads. But if he knows I said anything he would kill me” Michelle said. Maryam could not suppress her smile.

“Oh” Michelle said turning to Kevwe and giving her a look-down “a taste for hair colour mix, coffee in hand and an attractive night wear and a bug-off expression, you must be the formidable Kevwe”.
Kevwe didn’t blink.

“He’s scared of you” Michelle whispered, then in a normal voice “no wonder he was attracted to you”. Kevwe raised an eye brow but kept a straight face.

“The best friend right, saw you at the club yesterday” Michelle pointed at Tokunbo who nodded. He was so amused at her cuteness. She was shorter than Priscilla who was the shortest in the house, yet she had a cute, happy, crazy nature of hers.

“How come you know everything about us?” Kevwe asked. “Oh let me guess, Justin” she ended that part rolling her eyes. Michelle gave her an equally sarcastic look that said “obviously”.

“I’m going to my room” Kevwe walked out of the kitchen shaking her head.

“Errrm nice to meet you Michelle. I need to go and bath” Maryam said smiling awkwardly and ran after Kevwe, most definitely to gossip. Michelle looked confused. Before Tokunbo could find an excuse to leave she turned to him.

“Sorry Tokunbo, why is everyone acting weird?” Michelle asked.

“Well, none of the guys here have brought a girl home. Talk more to sleep over and wake up looking like errm, this” he pointed at her outfit.

“What’s wrong with how I look? I didn’t have ch…” Michelle started defensively.

“No no don’t get me wrong” Tokunbo said smiling. “I like your outfit … Sorry I mean nothing is wrong with what you are wearing” he started scratching his head. “But the girls … errrm they don’t dress … Errm they are not used to … See just forget it”

“They all need to take a chill pill. Can I get my water please? Need to brush and go find that idiot” Michelle said “damn, all of you will now think I don’t brush. I will kill Justin.”

“Wait what? Justin didn’t sleep in the room?” Tokunbo asked confused.

“Yesterday was a bit blurry, I know he got me into this, the said he was coming and I was too tired so I slept off. When I woke up he wasn’t there. Hope he isn’t one of those fitness freaks” she said sarcastically.

“Although, he did cover me and turned the AC up. That was sweet” she said thoughtfully looking into space.

“Wait a minute” Michelle exclaimed suddenly “wait a minute. Did the girls … Did you … Wait you guys don’t think I’m his club-one-night-stand now do you” she said almost busting into a fit of laughter.

Tokunbo’s facial expression gave him away and it followed with a flood of embarrassment.


“I can’t believe the nerve of that girl” Kevwe said clinching her fist. “Walking up into our house and just dressing anyhow. Who she wan distract? And Justin, when did this nonsense start?” She rolled her eyes. She was in her room making a futile attempt to arrange her things; a Saturday ritual of hers; but she was totally distracted since she was venting. Maryam sat on the bed looking at a fashion magazine.

“Come, do you think this style will fit me?” She said obviously unaware of Kevwe’s outburst

“Mumsi sent one ankara material like that and I have been ….” She stopped as she looked up and saw the expression on Kevwe’s face. “Oh sorry, Michelle, you were saying something?” She tried to look apologetic.

“How come you are not bothered about it” Kevwe was actually surprised at Maryam’s reaction to the earlier incident. And turned to continue arranging her clothes in the wardrobe.

Knock, Knock, Knock. The girls looked at each other. “Maybe she wan use your bathroom” Maryam whispered smiling. Kevwe threw a shirt at her.

“Who’s there?” Kevwe asked.

“Sorry it’s me” Priscilla’s voice came from the other side of the door. “Didn’t mean to intrude was just looking for everyone”.

“Come in joh” Kevwe said with relief. Priscilla walked in.

“Shey you see better person, in her own house she knocks on others door and dresses appropriately, unlike some people” Kevwe let her last statement hang.

“What’s up? And who was that girl that just passed me, smiling like she had been smoking weed?” Priscilla asked confused at Kevwe’s statement as she joined Maryam on the bed.

Na Kevwe new girlfriend” Maryam teased again. Kevwe rolled her eyes at Maryam and the two girls proceeded to fill Priscilla in on what had happened earlier.

“As in Pris she practically waltz into our house as if she owns the place and forming I know you all, what’s that about now?” Kevwe said irritated.

“Well for one she is cute, small but cute and crazy happy obviously. Secondly she knows how to rock a man’s shirt. If and when I decide to date Mide and there are sleep overs, am rocking his TMs. Thirdly she called me sweet. Finally someone appreciates my niceness and finally there are no rules over sleepovers and dress codes during sleepovers. Heck, you brought Kenny over for barbecue which day” Maryam said.

“Kenny didn’t sleep over” Kevwe said defensively. She flung a blouse into her waste bin. It wasn’t dirty but she was going to wash it anyway.

“Who would have objected if he wanted to?” Maryam asked raising an eyebrow. Kevwe said nothing. Annoyed that Maryam had a point.

“Why do I get the feeling that what is bugging you has little or nothing to do with the fact that your privacy being disrupted and more to do with a cute girl is with Justin?”

“Huh?” Kevwe turned sharply from her wardrobe to face Maryam and Priscilla both having blank expressions.

What do you mean, I have a boyfriend” she replied defensively.

“Yep, I thought you would say that” Maryam sat up using her shoulder as support. “I know you have a boyfriend, but it is always funny how when you and Justin’s topic comes up and you never say you don’t have feelings for him instead you hide behind the ‘I have a boyfriend’ wall” Maryam smiled, her friend was uncomfortable.

“I never said I fancied Justin” Kevwe said

“You never said you didn’t either. But it’s me and you now, my ears are always here if you want to talk. Maryam’s phone rang and she picked.

“Hello Ayomide” she said into the mouth piece smiling. Kevwe dropped what she was arranging and turned. Priscilla to had interest in the conversation.

“…. Like today? Ever thought I might have plans?” Both Priscilla and Kevwe looked at Maryam curiously.

“I don’t know if I am free today Ayomide” Maryam said, naughty excitement flooded her face. She paused for a bit

“No, I will not stop calling you Ayomide. We are not friends … Yet” she bit her finger. He obviously said something funny because she started smiling.

“I don’t know maybe. It depends on you” Maryam said smiling. She paused for a while, rolled her eyes a couple of times like he was either exaggerating or flattering her but mostly she smiled.

“Fine give me two hours” she said finally. After a little pause “a girl’s gotta look good now. Fine one hour. For someone trying to make an impression you are pushy” she laughed and ended the call.

Kevwe waited, Priscilla waited, and Maryam looked at them confused.

“Pris you get belt make we flog info comot from this foolish girl body” Kevwe threatened.

“Chill out” laughed Maryam. She had to keep them in suspense but one never played with Kevwe’s threats. “He is taking me out for a day of fun” she said. “He is picking me up in an hour”
The girls looked at her. “Are you two deaf? Help me find something” Maryam shouted excitedly. Kevwe and Priscilla jumped and the three girls ran out of the room heading upstairs to Maryam’s room.

They bumped into Tokunbo in the way up. “Hey what’s the rush ladies? Careful, CAREFUL!!!” Tokunbo said.

“Sorry” they chorused.

“Have you girls seen Justin?” Tokunbo asked.

“Yeah, saw him leave in Elder’s car some minutes ago” Priscilla shouted as she rushed after the girls.


So you lash for inside this room?” Otims teased his friend. They were both in Justin and Tokunbo’s room upstairs. Justin had dropped Michelle off and was back when a friend of his came over. Tokunbo always thought him a loud mouth even in university but he could be fun when he wanted to be. The boys had been gisting and Tokunbo and Otims had been teasing Justin to get some info out of him.

Maryam had left for her date with Ayomide and Priscilla had dragged Matthew into playing a game of scrabble downstairs. No one knew where Kevwe was.

Kaaaai, I gats buy new bed sheet be that” Tokunbo pressed on when Justin said noting.

“No one climbed your bed oh” Justin said quickly.

“Aha so you lash. Badt boy. She make sense?” Otims exclaimed.
Guy you no dey ever get sense” Justin laughed “All I said was nobody used his bed, I didn’t say we did anything”.

“Otims I dey suspect this boy. The babe say she no see am when she wake. Na for Matthew room I find the fool. Just scatter leg dey sleep like no tomorrow. My conclusion is she finish am, him run comot” Tokunbo said and the two boys started laughing again. Justin shook his head. Sometimes his friends were just plain idiots.

“You guys should drop the matter” he said plainly

“Yeeeeeee!!! You no lash” Otims exclaimed looking carefully at Justin, “Toks I don dey tell you say this guy don dey like man, you no gree. Ever since that girl for uni, wetin be her name again? I don forget, that girl traumatize this fool” Otims said, irritated.

“You mean to tell me you brought a girl from club, she gree come your house, she wear your shirt sef you no lash? You are a waste” Otims shouted. He looked like he had just been stabbed in the back. Tokunbo busted out laughing.

“No Toks no laugh. You know how many brothers him don disappoint? If na me, oooooboy, just forget. Go ask them for school na” Otim said boastfully.

“Otims you are just a pig” Tokunbo said.

“You mind this ashewo” Justin teased back “abeg because person get green light no mean say na flood light them use show am. Leave matter alone abeg”.

Knock, knock. Kevwe didn’t wait for a response before she opened the door.
“O baby. Every day you be looking freshest” Otims hailed Kevwe rubbing his hands like he was ready to pounce on her. She rolled her eyes at him and turned to Justin.

“Toks, heads up, bills be due next tomorrow” Kevwe said.

“Thanks dear. We will talk when everyone gets home today” Tokunbo said.

“Kevwe how far?” Justin greeted her casually “any Sunday delight?” He winked at her rubbing his stomach. Ever since the barbecue Tokunbo had noticed Justin going back to his old self with Kevwe.

You no call your baby make she cook for you?” Kevwe said and left the room. Tokunbo busted out laughing

Wetin I do now?” Justin started laughing.

“Told you you were entering troubled waters didn’t I?” Tokunbo said getting up. “Abeggi make we go play game for living room, I don tire“.

“Girls” Justin shook his head getting up.

Una dey talk nonsense oh, una no see wetin Kevwe do me?” Otims who had been quiet spoke. Both Justin and Tokunbo laughed.

“Guy you have been making weak ass moves at her for how many years. You know she knows your waka. Kevwe go die before she give you face, better wake up” Tokunbo patted his friend on the back as they left the room.

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Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.

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