With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – Intro


“With The Gang” is about six young graduates fresh out of their national service and are venturing into the new phase of their lives; job issues, relationships, responsibilities…. basically being adults.


 A Lawyer from Lagos state. With a new job in Abuja, a 5 bedroom duplex handed down to him by his uncle, Tokunbo decided to make a frat house out of it. Quite emotional for a guy and tends to instigate most of the debates in the house.


 This fun loving girl is from Kano state. Her love for animals made her study Vet Medicine and with a new job in Abuja, she quickly took the offer from her old friend from university instead of living in her Uncle’s family house. With her soft spot for Yoruba boys one only wonders…


Best friends with Tokunbo. This Kogi born tech guru decided to live with his best mate to cut cost in this new phase, void of parents and financial assistance. Laid back and flirtatious and a soft spot for one of the girls, one can only imagine what he brings to the mix.


Hails from Delta state. Very attractive but a no-nonsense lady. It is no surprise she is the live wire of the house with latest info on parties happening in town, that is when she isn’t busy as an assistant to a top manager of a popular hotel and restaurant in town.


 Is a distant cousin of Maryam who joins the house after several close calls with the police for occupying a house illegally. Let us say this Benue born banker has had a run of bad luck with house ‘agents’. The oldest in the house with some wise words always up his sleeves.

And finally …..


This petite Enugu bookworm is the unfamiliar one in the house. After discussing with her friend Matthew about needing accommodation, she completes the housemates. A school teacher doing her Master’s degree part-time she is the most quiet of the group.

Join them here every Tuesday and Friday as they kick start their new adventure.


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Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.


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