With The Gang

With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare – #1


“Dude, this load is heavy” Justin Dada lamented as he heaved the luggage into the house. He stood straight and looked around.

“Oboy, this is massive” he exclaimed. “Four rooms with a bathroom each, a master bedroom, kitchen, parlour, space outside to ball? Man how will we fill it up?”

Tokunbo Ade-Williams had been struggling with two heavy bags. He dropped them and sat on the 3-seater exhausted.

“You no well oh. Help me move luggage, you are there moping” he accused Justin.

Eya, well done” Justin mocked him.

“It is not your fault. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked you to move in” Tokunbo said.

“Stop rough play, I’m your guy now” Justin teased.

“My uncle left the house for me in his will. With me getting a job in Abuja I decided I might as well move in” Tokunbo explained.

“Now this is the deal” he said sitting up “my uncle used the house for collateral on a loan and hadn’t paid off the debt before he passed on. It’s not much so the bank agreed I could pay in installments. We have some bills, electricity, water, food and security. The house debt I’ll pay but I need people to deal with the other bills”.

“I see” Justin said thoughtfully.

“So I spoke to Maryam, heard she too just got a job in Abuja. I asked and she was interested. She even has her cousin also interested. Something about the guy being bad with getting accommodation” Tokunbo said.

“Oboy see free food” Justin jumped with excitement.

“See where your mind is going. How many times did Maryam cook for us while in school?” Tokunbo asked.

“Allow a brother to hope na” Justin replied.

“Anyway, remember Kevwe? That Maryam’s roommate” Tokunbo asked as they both got up to continue the task of moving luggage.

“That fine babe with curves abi” Justin said smiling dreamingly.

Na you know” Tokunbo decided to ignore his friend’s fantasy “I called Maryam last week to let her know we were moving in today and she told me Kevwe is in town too and may be interested”.

“NA LIE!!!” Justin who was just about to move with his luggage dropped them and was literarily jumping. He couldn’t contain himself.

“Calm down na” Tokunbo could not help but laugh at him.

“Two babes in one house. Toks, parry everyday” Justin shouted.

Tokunbo shook his head “Dude, behave na. It is not confirmed and we have …”

The front door swung open and a dark slim girl walked in closely followed by a guy obviously not in Tokunbo or Justin’s age range struggling with some luggage.

“Hey guys, I see you got here before me” Maryam Bello smiled as she rushed to give them each a hug.

“Babe you are looking good oh” Justin complimented her. “NYSC did you no harm at all”.

Maryam smiled” I can say the same about you”.

“Come Matthew” she gestured to the guy. “This is Matthew, my cousin” she said. “And this is Tokunbo, the only Yoruba guy who friend-zoned me in school and Justin his friend. We all schooled together”.

“So Maryam I’m not your friend abi?” Justin said as he shook Matthew’s hand. “Welcome man”.

“It’s a pleasure, Maryam has been gisting me of your stories in school since she came in” Matthew said.

“You’ve been around?” Tokunbo asked.

“Yeah” Maryam replied. “Got in three days ago to finalize the paperwork for my new job”.

“Ehen, Maryam how far with your friend na?” Justin interrupted.

Tokunbo shook his head, Justin won’t just drop the issue. There was a noise from outside and instead of Maryam replying they all went to find out who was causing it.

” …. and I too will tell you again that I can’t live with you. See, this argument is giving me a headache. Since morning, just because I asked you to drop me, wetin na? Are we not in the same Abuja?” Kevwe Okosun retorted to a gentleman that was with her.

White V-neck T-shirt, some comfortable shorts, Kevwe had a way with fashion and with her figure, was a sight for sour eyes. Justin was transfixed. Feeling very heroic he walked chest out towards them.

“Is everything alright here?” He asked boldly.

“Justin commot from my front joh” Kevwe pushed him and went to hug Maryam.

“Better person how far?” She greeted her friend.

“Hey you. Hope all is well oh” Maryam asked concerned. Your boyfriend looks upset.

Nor myn am” Kevwe said in her Warri-pidgin she so liked to dive into from time to time. The guy was already heading out of the gate. “He will calm down. Doesn’t just want to understand that I don’t believe in illegal marriage”.

They both laughed as Maryam helped her with her luggage.

“Toks, your friend never still get sense abi?” Kevwe said and hugged Tokunbo. He smiled, “my crazy Kevwe, how are you?”

“I’m good dear” she replied and then walked into the house with Maryam. They had already engaged in some interesting gist.

Matthew looked at Tokunbo with the ‘what have I got myself into?’ expression. Tokunbo smiled and patted his back saying” welcome to the gang bro”.

With that he walked into the house leaving Matthew standing and Justin still admiring Kevwe.

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Muyiwa blogs at htttp://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com

You can follow him on instagram/twitter – @mfadarated.

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