Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2016 people. Yaaay we made it in one piece, despite all the Nigeria will be a warzone in 2015 apprehension. Hopefully we’ll begin to see the change we need and continue to rise above our different challenges both individually and as a nation.

About New Year resolutions. Err. I don’t consciously make one and most times it’s just a few goals which mostly don’t have anything to do with the New Year but with a new school session, such as a 5.0 GPA and all that school business, which is all over now. So something different this year. I hope to be more consistent with my writing, go out more and embrace my own weirdness this 2016.

About being more consistent with my writing and getting this blog running properly, I’ve decided to have some sort of post schedule, which I’ll be test running this month to see if I can handle it. I’m introducing a new series by a guest blogger Muyiwa Fadare who blogs at http://abluntnigerian.wordpress.com. You think the Shugar Daddy Series got your attention? With the Gang would hold you spell bound. I’ve also taken on a friend to run a new column on this space titled C.O’s corner. C.O’s corner will cover tips for daily living, self-consciousness and self-discovery. C.O’s got an intelligent mind. I promise you’ll enjoy his column.

Early Mormor musings will still be on Mondays for sharing things I muse about. The guest series titled With The Gang by Muyiwa Fadare will be featured every Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays I’ll share my two-cents on matters on my mind. On Thursday, there’ll be a post in C.O’s Corner. And Saturdays, The Shugar Daddy Series.

The schedule in Summary below;

Mondays – Early Mormor Musing.     

Tuesdays – With the Gang by Muyiwa Fadare.

Wednesday – My2Cents.

Thursday – C.O’s Corner

Friday – With the Gang by Muyiwa Fadare.

Saturdays – Shugar Daddy Series

Now I’m sure y’all got your New Year resolution lined up. I really hope when you look back in December 2016, you’ll have fulfilled most, if not all of it. And in the spirit of resolution, you all should kindly make a resolution to drop a comment as you read posts on this space. Let’s hear your opinion whether you agree or not. And please endeavor to share with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, bbm or/and your roommate. It really doesn’t take more than a minute to do this. This is all I ask of you. You can also get posts sent to your email immediately they are posted so you don’t miss any post by subscribing with your email. Thanks.

Happy New Year 2016 y’all. May it be filled with peace, happiness and pleasant surprises.



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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Happy New Year Sakes dearie! Here’s wishing you a most fulfilling blogging year and a more than terrific year in every of your life’s endeavors! Keep on shimmering and shining She-gurl! Lotsa ❤! 😄


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