Thank You!!

Thank you, you and you. That’s all I can say has 2015 comes to an end.

Thank you for supporting Sheedart’s Space.

For sticking with Sheedart’s Space,

When I was on a roll and posted every day,

And on a loll and posted once a month.

Thank you for reading post after post.

For your comments and your shares.


Thank you for a great 2015.


These are the post you guys viewed the most


And these are the 5 most active commenters. You can come for your zobo 12 midnight. #wink.

Depearl!!! See how much I love you and let you top the list uhn #tongueOut.

ME Darling. What can I say? You are stalking me too now uhn. Thank you.

Suleiman Gee. Thank you for making this list again this year. Let’s do it again next year.

Miz Vianney. The Shugar Daddy Series commander in chief. Thank you.

Kelly. OMG. You are such a darling. Your support is priceless. You discovered this blog just three months ago and you are in the top commenters. You really are my number one fan.

Every other person who has read, commented or shared a post on Sheedart’s Space, I say a big thank you. Let’s do it even better in 2016. Cheers and Happy New Year in Advance.

6 thoughts on “Thank You!!

  1. If all the “faithfuls” got—or will get—zobo, you’ll have to do something (no matter how small) to prevent the ghost readers from going solo. No?

    I’ve got a dream: the blog will grow and get busier, followership will swell and come for the shugar (BoBo™ for new followers, I suggest)…

    2016 will be great, take it from me. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. Bobo it is then for the new followers.
      I certainly hope 2016 will be great and more. Thank you Sir and Cheers to a wonderful year. 👌
      In btwn, I hope we’ll be seeing you more on the blogosphere this year? Let’s not get into where you disappeared to last year. 😮


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