Writing101: The Story in an Image

Aretta placed her ticket in the side pocket of her handbag and leaned on the wall behind her for support. Her palms were sweaty and her legs hurt like hell from all the standing around, waiting for the train to arrive.

“It’s so odd that this station with all its grandeur has no seat for waiting passengers” She thought to herself.

She glanced through the crowd and wondered the chances of someone she knew being in the crowd. She certainly hoped not and if there was, it’ll be good for their paths not to cross.

She wasn’t particularly in the mood to have an awkward conversation about the happenings of the past month. All she wanted is to start afresh in a new city, not stand around talking to people who pretend they support her.

“Enough with the gloomy thoughts” she chides herself.

“Think of something nice, like the chances of the love of your life being in the crowd”

Aretta glanced at the people around her, taking a second to study their faces and wondered about the chances of one of them being part of her new life.

Short, but this should do it for today’s assignment. Day 4 uhn. Wow. I’m proud of myself o.

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