Writing101: The List


Thank heavens for this cool breeze. The weather is so hot and PHCN or whatever it is they call themselves these days have gone back to their old ways of seizing power for hours. Accompanying the gift from heaven is a sheet of paper which eventually settles beside me. Glancing at it, I see something is written on it. Some sort of list.

    • USA ✔    
    • UK ✔
    • Spain
    • FRANCE
    • India ✔
    • UAE ✔
    • CHINA
    • BRAZIL
    • SOUTH Africa ✔
    • CANADA

I stare at the paper,

my soul filled with longing. I imagine the person who wrote the list is very rich and has a lot of time on his hands to afford all this and does not have to bother about whether he’ll get to attend university or get a pay raise. How I wish I have the same opportunity the owner of this list has. Perhaps at this moment in time I’ll be India, touring the Taj Mahal or looking up at the statue of liberty in the USA or just plain attending Cambridge University in the UK, instead of manning the gate of Sharon Ultimate Hotel. Nevertheless, I have a lot to be grateful for;

  • I’m grateful for being alive and well. For being the person that I am. Hopefully, the future me will be a better.
  • I’m grateful for my family and friends. For their love and support.
  • I’m grateful for my education, even though I’m just a high school graduate. At least I can write, read and get employed at this job that puts food in my stomach.
  • I’m grateful I, my family and friends are not victims of the boko haram insurgency. I hope the internally displaced persons find relief and peace.
  • I’m grateful I’m not one of the sodomized boys in Kano. I don’t think I can handle something like that. I could easily have been one of them if I hadn’t changed to a day school.




This post is in response to the writing101 assignment. The procrastinating spirit is yet to strike. Hopefully it won’t for the rest of the month.

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