Writing101: I Write Because….


My mind is a being of its own.  A hyperactive one that never quietens. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the middle of something that requires my total attention or sleeping, it’s just never quiet in there. It’s always a messy jumble of thoughts and to fine tune the messy jumble into something refined, I Write.

I keep a diary that I update off and on (of course because I’m a chronic procrastinator), particularly when I’m hurt,  sad or confused because I see things in a better perspective when I write about them. Writing makes me feel better about a situation or an event.

I have discovered that there are some things I want to say but no matter how much I try, I just can’t find the right words. I write because I express myself better in ways that I can’t otherwise. And so I started to blog, hoping to connect with people without worrying about my social awkwardness or making blunders.

I write because I love the imagery of words. Words stringing each other so effortlessly and beautifully it evokes the imagination.

This post is in response to the first writing101 assignment. Hopefully I would do all the assignment for this month and not procrastinate this time.

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