Awards / Motivation


Today is the day I say Goodbye to friends and acquaintances

Today, I stop worrying about my grades

About classes missed and incomprehensible lectures

Today, the rush to class and the late night lab work stops

Today, the Frustration Under Tension Stops

Today I celebrate 5 years of hard work

Today is the day my life begins.

Today I become responsible for someone other than myself and my family.

Today I become responsible for more than my grades

Starting today I become accountable to the society and its future.

Starting Today my job is to be ready for anything and everything

To be ready to take on life, to take on love

Ready to take on the responsibilities and possibilities

Today I really truly become responsible for myself

Today I officially become a grown up

And I for one can’t wait

Congratulations to the microbiology class of 2015, Federal University of Technology, Minna.


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