If you ask us when we met, we probably will tell you different tales. Nevertheless, she was a lanky kid who was into basketball and thought taking Technical Drawing as an elective was fun.

While we urged her to join the status quo, she decided on waiting on her dreams. I remember talking about how unserious she was, busy working on an unrealistic plan without a backup. Little did I know that faith and persistence worked wonders despite the several quotes on persistence and faith I had read. Most of these quotes I do not remember and it doesn’t matter really because I only have to think of her to restore my zeal and faith.

She didn’t just wait on her dreams, she Worked Hard, Persisted and had Faith. She is the very definition of these words. Never have I met someone so persistent and so sure of achieving their dreams.

She is a year older today. She is Esther.

Here is to the continuous Fulfillment of your Dreams.

Remember that with Faith, Courage and Dedication, your Dream is not too Big.

May you find the Peace and Freedom you Seek.

May God’s light continue to Shine Bright in your life, Lightening your Path.

And as you shine, may your light brighten the lives of the people you meet.

Wishing you a Great Birthday and a Happy New Year ahead.

Long life and Joy to last two lifetimes.



4 thoughts on “Esther

  1. Awwwwwwwwww!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday Esty! I wish you GOD’S choicest blessings and the best life could offer!!! keep making your HOMEGIRLS proud….we’re solidly behind ya!!!
    Much Love!

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