Bestfriends?? No,Friendshipy Affair.


just friends

Being friends with the opposite sex is not abnormal, actually this days it is considered better than being friends with the same sex by most people….and by most people, I mean most girls.. it is now common place to hear a girl say “I prefer to be friends with guys, girls have too much drama and guys are not backstabbers like girls“..but wait a min, doesn’t preferring to be friends with guys some sort of back stab to womanhood too…hehe.. You rarely hear guys making statements like that..they generally dont have a problem with being friend with both of the sexes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a girl being bestfriends with a guy..infact..I’m all for it, if nothing I’ll get an insight on how guys think and probably avoid all the relationship drama I’ll have to go through trying to understand my future boyfriend…hehe.. Never mind that we may grow so close and I get tripped and my best friend becomes my boyfriend…No problem least until we have a major relationship fight and discover we are better off as friends..hehe.


The problem is when a girl is bestfriends with a married man… there is no such thing as a platonic friendship with a married man..eventually the so called friendship morphs into a mental affair and progresses to a physical affair… these men are usually the first to initiate the friendshipy thing..dont be fooled..They are the slyest of predators and the baddest of sugar daddies…not the pot-bellied sugar daddies who are thrice the girls age..absolutely not, they are young or relatively young, handsome, intelligent men and probably have some cash to throw around, they are the kind of man who naturally the girl will be drawn to and will jump on immediately if they were single… There are so many of them out there, great at their game of seduction of young single ladies either because they are cheats or looking for a distraction from their marital problems. They have perfected the game so much that even the most straight and narrow lady will fall into the trap 7 times out of 10.

In the beginning you may or may not be aware that he is married. It doesn’t matter anyway, you are just been friends. He calls you every morning to ask how your night was and every evening to ask about your day and soon the hours between morning and evening too, sweet thoughtful text messages too… Next you guys hang out, the cinema, a dinner here, a lunch there, hang outs that seem like dates but are not dates, tells you how you understand him more than his wife does…awww.. you feel so special…he gets you thoughtful gifts, he listens attentively to you, giving you the occasional advice or support you need, helps you when you are in a jam, introduces you to his friends etc. Its all so friendshipy and you think to yourself, he’s such a caring friend..hehe.. my dear, you are being mentally seduced. Before you know it, you start to act like a couple, you miss him when he’s out of town, a day does not go by without you two talking, spending long minutes on the phone, you share all your secrets with him, rely on’ve fallen for him, hook, line and sinker..

He notices all this and moves to the next phase, changing the game subtly…You start to hang out in secluded areas, in his house if he’s having a long distance marriage..heh..with his wife, then he springs his move on you so slyly you don’t notice…Its a long look into your eyes, the subtle caress of your shoulder and other body parts #winks, eventually a kiss and then you are tearing apart the clothes on each others back and doing the physical…bam.. you’ve had sex with a married man…you are having a friendshipy affair… If you are lucky, you do it a few more times and put a stop to everything as the scales begin to fall from your eyes with your conscience disturbing you and you realize what you are doing is wrong. And if you are unlucky, the scales falls off your eyes but you have fallen too deep in love to care about his marital status..and voila you are his sidechick for a few more months or years until his wife hunts you down with a shot…OYO…oh wait or you’ll get the shock of your life, you are not the only one, he has some other poor sap like you he’s being “friends” with..haha.. He’s never going to leave his wife for you, he loves her..kindof.. he’s a just a player, a cheat…errr…or a lonely coward who is looking for a distraction to take his mind off the issues he has in his marriage.. you meet a man like this, the overly friendly guy in the wedding ring…Ruuuunnnnn..preferably in the opposite direction. There’s no such thing has been Bestfriends with a married man…. Ever been in this kinda friendshipy your story in the comment box or email your story to and all ye friendshipy affair virgins..heheh.. drop your views in the comment box too.. thank you.


8 thoughts on “Bestfriends?? No,Friendshipy Affair.

  1. Ok, this sounds too good to be short of an experience. Anyway, why do gurls think there is never a catch when someone “just wanna be friends” and he starts taking them out on these pseudo-dates?

    Well, have you considered the fact that “the married guy” could just be in for the fun and excitement only? Maybe he fell in love along the line too, just maybe… After all, we don’t expecially choose who we fall in love with.

    Well, flings “could” only be tolerated if the marriage has aged, like really aged. So if he is still in the first and 2nd decade of his marriage, then poor him.

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    • Lol.. I knew some1 will think I’m writing from experience.. Can’t I b dt good?? #wink…

      Ofcos most are in for d fun & excitement and most girls know there’s a catch with d just friends thingy BT there’s d allure of ‘he may be different’…

      About flings bin tolerated if d marriage has aged.. I dunno dt 1 o… Why cheat in old age when u didn’t do it while u were young.. Some sort of midlife crisis???


      • You are pretty good b, don’t get me wrong. I just thought those details were far too real to be fictional; my bad. :). And if that is fictional, you should write a book darling, you are that good!

        Lolz, “he may be different?” well, there you have it… Girls are so two-faced! First they think all men are the same when they are hurt and then they believe “HE MAY BE DIFFERENT” When they are falling in love with him.

        Cmon! That’s not cheating nah, and btw, madam won’t mind one bit. She’s old by now nah and man’s still got needs! 😉 (reason why my wife is gonna be substantial younger!)

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  2. Nice pieces there Miss!!…No married man would devote his time and everything to a girl and not want something back…my problem with all these girls is that when they get all confused up pretending to be in love, they hardly even notice that there are responsible guys out there waiting for them and when everything gets twisted, they blame men saying “men are wicked and heartless”…why won’t they be wicked and heartless when greed won’t let them(girls) leave what belongs to another woman and look for theirs. After everything 2 things are always involved, UNWANTED PREGNANCIES and STDs

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  3. D world is small, if d gal likes d married guy she should be his second wife nw. It solves 2 problems. 1- she.won’t be lonely. 2- 1 more heart broken spinster out of d way..


  4. Dear Sheedart, see Sir Heedriz up there ehn, I like him! Some valid points he laid bare as much as I would love to. Nice one too, Sir Joellz.

    At some points I also entertained the thought that you actually wrote it from experience, perhaps you experienced something similar and your pretty imagination did the rest.

    Sometimes, it transcends mental seduction. The man could be a victim himself; the duo could be caught up in a bolting bullet train of emotions that hardly stops until it reaches the terminal of sated pleasure. *clears throat*

    Nice one Ms.

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