Yaaayy!! She’s a Graduate


Alphagirl wrote her final exams yesterday…yaaay she’s a graduate. I’m alphagirl’s homegirl as she usually says and I’m damn proud of her. We both grew up in a not so nice neighbourhood where everyone knew their neighbours business right down to what they had for dinner and possibly what they are planning to have for breakfast the following day, we could play suwe, build sand houses complete with fence and gates and play in the rain..the roads are untarred and the rainy season is the same as muddy season. I’ve known this beautiful soul for like forever….ok… maybe not..but knowing someone since when I was in primary 3 should count as such..

however at the time we were nt really friends, just in each other spheres although I rolled with her lil bro… Our friendship started years later after I had passed through my tomboy phase of kicking a football with the guys and other slightly gutsy stuff… Sometime in JSS3 I think when I began to fall in love with romance novels and found out my neighbour who’s brother I run with had an endless supply of the books….trust me, I alligned myself with her sharply and voilla we are friends..choi, I spent a large chunk of my pocket money on those harlequin books, just so we’ll have something to exchange with her suppliers collection..smh… gradually we became close and shared more than those books, some occasional secret {I’m a really good listner} and the occasional fights that usually ended with an apology {she writes beautifully I tell you}.

Growing up, I dont recall knowing anyone who was attending a higher institution or someone who just graduated. Sure, I dreamed of completing primary school, attending secondary school, going to the university and becoming a medical doctor and most times lament the number of years it would take to do all this and how faraway it seemed. Little did I know then that it won’t be as easy as just going to the school, filling an application and resuming school. I didnt know you had to fight the WASSCE fight and even if you were one of those lucky ones who won in the very first battle, you got JAMB to deal with and even the bad habit of the school you applied offering you the course you didnt apply, as if you don’t know what you want or they have forseen you cant do well in the field you chose..well…one of us has graduated after all the battles…..yaay.. and hopefully, this time next year, I’ll be doing same.

And there were challenging times and I think for alphagirl too when attending the university was improbable, and as all challenges always feel at the time, it seemed the biggest challenge we’ll ever have and it seemed endless but then the problem is dealt with, sometime to our satisfaction and other times not and then onto the next challenge it is. I look back on those years I agonized about how long it will take to grow up and realize that time flies and perhaps the next time I’m looking back, I probably will be attending my child’s convocation…#wink. I believe alphagirl is looking back on those years and she’s wow’ed by how far she has come, probably wishing she could go back and do some things differently and as she closes this chapter of her life, wondering how the next chapter will go. Its a brand new beginning for her and I sincerely hope its all that she wishes for and more. Congratulations to her and all the newest graduates in town.


10 thoughts on “Yaaayy!! She’s a Graduate

  1. Congratulations to Alpha girl. I hope d relationship u both Share last forever, she Couldn’t have asked For anything more from a friend. She’ll Be Very proud of u I Assure!


  2. wooooow….I am lost for words…totally speechless!!.. believe me, a tear escaped from my eyes while reading that beautiful write up …I don’t even know what to say……I am totally humbled…. grateful… and fulfilled just having HOKPES as a friend…. Thanks Homegirl and Please keep the bottles of wine ready….


    • U just had to go add dt old nick to ur comment uhn…
      U re welcome dear and ofcos the wine will be ready when u get back… I’m producing dem myself using microbes from wat I was taught in school…lol


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