Motivational Books don’t work?

Eh.. this write up has small comma, did’nt turn out the way I originally thought it will. Too much info and conflicting opinion in my head. Make una just manage am, Just get the idea.


One random day like that, a stranger on seeing my sister with the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” exclaimed and I quote “Why are you reading this books, they don’t work”. Wow, Really!! That’s a first for me and my sister. I thought this books are ultimate so I just ignored him and considered him silly. Recently though,

I got some so called Motivational books from my cousin –no offense, made in Nigeria- not that those made outside Nigeria are better, and after reading them I realised most motivational books just recycle the same idea without really motivating the reader to the achievement of his goals. However, No matter how bad or misleading or over exaggerated a book is,it gives hope and thus it has done something.

The advent of motivational books is as old as the force of motivation itself.Motivation is the force that drives the desire to achieve a goal or status. Most Motivational books are about financial freedom – Money is the most important thing in the world today-. After reading the front or back cover or even the title of a motivational book, you are fired up, yeah, you are finally going to take control, change your life, achieve more success,even get stinkingly rich. My friend its not that simple, most of this books just over exaggerate the simple parts you want to know. Not that these parts are totally useless, they are just small parts of a whole. Nevertheless, some are really cool,realistic and really make a good impact. Some over exaggerated parts includes;

  • A book tells you to write down your goals as getting specific about what you want to achieve is important. Very true but what are your plans and how much work are you putting into achieving those goals? You don’t just write your goals down, stare at them all year and expect them to be achieved.
  • Just visualise your dreams and you will achieve it is an advice exaggerated by most books. Visualising alone does not do the work. You’ll just be a dreamer whose dream eludes him. However, it helps keep your dream in mind and helps your persistence.
  • Believe you will succeed is another mantra. While pitching this idea, most books unintentionally encourage people to believe they can succeed easily which is a myth, there’s a big difference between believing you’ll suceed and believing you’ll succed easily. The adage “nothing comes easy in life” is very true. You gotta get off your ass and put in some work along with your lofty believes.

And then there are some people who no matter how good the motivational book they read is, it does not make an impact in their lives. They are unrealistic optimist, sitting in a spot wishing for the good things book promised but not putting in any work nor persistence. As Karl Douglas says “If poverty does not motivate a man, Is it motivational books that will”

What’s your Opinion on Motivational Books?

7 thoughts on “Motivational Books don’t work?

  1. i kinda find them motivational……..but as it is popularly said: you can take a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink. motivational books give you momentum…but momentum remains a dream without actual motion.. 🙂


  2. We keep facing failures no matter how rich or poor we are, or how much motivated or inspired we are.  Failures are good omens that come across our lives to set the course of life on correct path; only if we are willing to learn from our mistakes. To learn from failures, we need motivation to get up and get going.


  3. well…Most times they really do motivate people to take up certain actions they wouldn’t do on a normal day… And it actually helps in shaping one’s opinion


  4. I don’t think we need motivational books, I for one don’t read them… I believe dat our lives nd d circumstances we are at any particular time can provide us wit d needed motivation if we r really sincere abt it.


  5. true… there’s a big difference
    between believing you’ll succeed and
    believing you’ll succeed easily..most books show the glory, they don’t really tell the story…

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