Oh! You Snitch

Hi, here is another one from my first attempt. I did a little editting though, the storyline is however the same.


So I got a job at this company as a cashier during the strike. I had worked there my last holiday and though it wasnt really interesting, it was conducive. Prior to getting the job, I got a suprise when my brother {who just finished his JSCE Exam} an apprentice there, came home at the end of the week with some outrageous amount of money. Upon getting the job offer, which I grabbed with both hands, as its been difficult getting a job with employers having something against striking students *frown*.

I wondered what service I’ll render him though because, according to my brother, he had a cashier already and that was the post I held the previous year. Anyways, I reported to work the following Monday and was told I’m to assist the cashier *really, really*. I was surprised, the secretary job is not so much that she’ll need an assistant. Anyways who cared as long as I get paid and I dont go insane from the strike.

Little did i know that my real job descriptions is to spy on the cashier and the operators…. at least I get the opportunity to enact all I have watched in those American Movies I’m addicted to..*hehe*. I had earlier heard stories from my brother while explaining the outrageous money in his posession about how the cashier and operators conspire to embezzle the company’s money from time to time, and how the boss would only believe her words even if u snitch on her..*hmmhmm* she had a solid bargaining chip is the speculation. So when i went to work there, i resolved not to say anything but to take my share of the embezzled money… *hehe*wink* and save it for as long as possible, probably until i can decide whether it is worthwhile to tell the boss or not *hey, I’ve got a conscience*

Fortunately for the embezzlers, the boss had to travel for a few weeks. Omo see plenty owo and pack they did unlike I have ever seen *phew*. Surprisingly, before leaving, he told me to watch or is it spy on the cashier because he doesn’t trust her. OMG…really. I was ecstatic, this is my opportunity to expose them, to save the company from irreparable loss… *hero mode activated* But I was also worried about the consequences, would they be sacked?? What would my colleagues think of me?? I eventually resolved to tell, damn the consequences. *Yeah, I heard you – Oh you snitch* My loyalties laid with my boss. And tell, i did, in such a way that nobody suspected that I was the leak..*wink* It was a perfect mission *hehe*.

At the end, the hollywood lost and nollywood took over. The boss made some noise suspended the cashier *not sack* and then rehired her….*Yeah, I suspect something going on too*. I didnt expect that *shock*. I’ll admit, i wanted her to be sacked but i wasn’t really disappointed that she wasn’t. The baffling part of the ish, she did find out I was d snitch, God knows how although I have my suspicions *probably same as yours*. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted me gone. So, I jejeli left, because i didn’t want trouble and wasn’t comfortable with my role in the office, especially since the boss has been bought. It was not a job, I wanted a real Job, where the service I’m rendering is worth what I’m been paid. Oh.. by the way, the boss is married..*wink*

  • Do you think the she had a bargaining chip?
  • What do you think it is?
  • Would you have snitched on her?
  • Would you have left afterwards?.

    Pls use the comment box. Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Oh! You Snitch

  1. Well, knowing that the boss was “romantically” involved with the secretary and duly anticipating that she would only get a slap on the wrist, I would honestly have not snitched. I would even tell her I was ordered to spy on her, just so my share of the spoils would be doubled (my own bargaining chip). Anyways, life is still unfair if you still lost by being honest. 🙂


  2. The bargaining chip has to be something strong, so i’d go with heedriz’s idea. And maybe i wouldnt snitch on her, i’d have to negotiate with her and weigh who’ll pay me more btw her and my boss….afterall, i took the job for the money #right


  3. Wil tell her whats on ground if she agree to my terms and condition I would not snitch on her, if I hav 2get twice of what am paid off, LOL


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