How much can you take?

I bet when you read the topic, most of you thought ” How much ‘money’ can i take?”. Well you all got it wrong, I meant How much of “me” can you take – hey, I didnt mean you, asin You, so stop hissing.- So I’m roaming the internet as usual, looking for some excitement, and out of sheer boredom and joblessness, I say hi to you. You have been on my facebook/bbm contact list for a millenium but we barely talk, as you dont reply my pings or you reply a week later *I’m guilty of that too*. And you’ll be like…*pic* mtchew


Well, today is my lucky night, you reply on time, we’ve exchanged a few lines, then you drop the bombshell >>> Tell me about you or the weird version, Can I know you<<< Oh God, what do I say? How much info do you want? How much can you take.? Do you want the version or the wikipedia version..#hehe. Both versions are perfect along with their issues.. the former being too short and the latter too long. I might tell you the short one, in which case if you are not a conversationalist, the conversation dies with a ok. On the other hand, you get the long one and you freak out because its too much info, you were just trying to be friendly. So I’ll ask again ” How Much of Me can you Take”.

Hey, I prefer not to be asked that question at all. Its too formal. Its not a job interview. You want to know me, talk to me often, ask direct questions jor not a yes or no question though, ask my opinion. You’ll know plenty about me. So when I ask the question; dont say “anything” cos if i give you the short version, you wont be knowing nada about me and if its the long version, you seriously will be overwhelmed.

When someone says tell me a little about you. What would you Say? What version will you give?

NB: Although this piece was written in the first person pronoun #ehm i hope thats correct, its not necessarily about me. While I never ask the tell me about you question, I’m guilty of somethings in the write up. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, the version is better for job interviews. You dont want the interviewers to be like wtf..


13 thoughts on “How much can you take?

  1. …Oh, you wanna know me? Great! “Eccentric biochemist” just about sums me up.
    <<<<< That's my cached response.. Funny enough, I ask the "Tell me something special about you" question quite often.. :p


  2. i think the ‘tell me about you’ question is lazy haha. that question can be broken down into like a million. love the piece sheedart


  3. Great post. when I’m asked that question I respond by saying “I really can’t answer since I change daily based on the experiences I go through I learn about myself each day so if you want to know me keep in touch & eventually you’ll see the whole me” if they keep talking I know they are genuinely interested in getting to know me


      • I’ve gained a lot of interesting friends from that response which is why I like using it but sometimes I come across certain people who just gives me a bad vibe instantly & I tell them I don’t like talking about myself & figure out ways to end the conversation quickly


  4. Lmao! Awesome post as usual.

    Well, I do ask that question a lot, if and only if, I am interested in you and think you might be a potential boo. Plus if and only if again, you hang around too often that I know you’re not just there without ‘some’ reason.

    I like to getto know people better, but like you said, it is more appreciable when it’s a gradual process than an en-bloc open ended question at which point I expect to get all the answers.

    On my part, when asked outside a job interview, my response usually depends on how much I like you. Lool. I really can’t waste my time thinking about the perfect English to describe myself if I don’t think it’s worth it.

    Welldone Sheedart! 😀


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